CBD Oil Benefits For Dogs

You may have come across CBD oil products for dogs and wondered what the benefits are for your canine friend. Are the benefits of CBD oil for dogs truly significant or is this just a fad? Is it safe or does CBD oil have side effects that could…

Lazarus Naturals Gives Back To The Pixie Project

CBD and adorable animals: Together at last and for a worthy cause.The Pixie Project, a non-profit animal adoption center and rescue based in Portland, OR. The Pixie Project was founded 11 years ago and provides a variety of services including…
farm bill

Farm Bill 2018: Hemp Industry Celebrates Historical Moment

 The moment is upon us. The Farm Bill has assumed its final form, the conference committee has signed off in approval via a hemp pen, it has gained the votes necessary to pass through the House of Representatives and the Senate and…

Lazarus Naturals Assistance Program Increases CBD Oil Discount To 60%

We’ve made it our mission at Lazarus Naturals to create high-quality CBD products that are accessible to everyone, especially those who need it most. Our Assistance Program, which offers significant discounts to veterans, low-income households…

Joseph Grassadonia Shreds Through His Senior Years

 Joseph Grassadonia has spent nearly his entire life surfing. The 66-year-old publisher and editor of OnFitness Magazine hopes to have another 10 to 15 years of riding the waves and is turning to CBD oil as he looks to prolong his time…

Lazarus Naturals Visits Orlando For CBD Expo East

Success! We were so happy to be one of the almost 100 exhibitors and among nearly 4000 attendees on the floor this month at CBD Expo East in Orlando, Florida. From discussing the industry with fellow businesses to meeting a slew of our loyal…