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Lazarus Naturals Releases Two Limited Time Offer Gift Boxes

Just in time for the holidays, we’re excited to announce the release of two new limited editions gift collections. Available in a Topical and Variety pack, each is hand-packed and specially curated with some of our most popular CBD products. Each comes in a unique self-wrapped Gift Box with a sliding external slipcase, which opens […]

Honoring Our Veterans

UPDATE: You helped Lazarus Naturals raise a grand total of $14,065.47 for Hope For The Warriors!  To recognize all of the women and men who have served and continue to serve our country, we donated 10% of all online sales made on November 11 from to Hope For The Warriors. Their mission is to […]

Official Statement on Lazarus Naturals Test Results

Regarding recent news reports about CBD products with fraudulent concentrations or alleged adulterants, we’re here to clear up any confusion. Firstly, all “full-spectrum” CBD products (which means they were made with whole-plant hemp extract) contain small amounts of THC regardless of manufacturer. The nominal THC can be removed through refinement processes but this changes the […]

How Do I Understand CBD Test Results?

By Graham Abbott Any CBD products you are purchasing or consuming should come with test results that verify the products’ efficacy and, more importantly, safety. But, while testing labs serve an important and irreplaceable role in any responsible consumer product-based industry, it can be a big ask to get consumers to understand what the resulting […]