We depend on our organic hemp crop to produce most of the CBD products we make here at Lazarus Naturals. Have a look at how things are growing on the farm. 

Over the last few weeks, we’ve been preparing hemp seedlings for life in the great outdoors of the Central Oregon high desert. After spending some time in the hoop house adjusting to high temps during the day and cool evenings, the plants are transferred outside where we plant about 46,000 organic hemp plants a day. 

Inspecting hemp seedlings before they go outside for the first time.

Seedlings in the hoop house need to be big enough to be moved outside and planted in the fields.


It’s a beautiful day to plant hemp. 

The Cascade Mountains are a backdrop to 3 Springs Farm in the high desert of Central Oregon. 

Putting 4,000—5,000 plants per hour in the ground. 

The 3-Row Transplanter is the most ergonomic way to get our plants in the ground. On our best day this season, we planted 13.5 acres. 

Making sure each plant is well-positioned to thrive on the farm. 

The dark plastic suppresses weeds, helps with water absorption and insulates the hemp against the cold desert nights That’s how we keep our CBD pesticide-free. Our team works together to make sure that each plant is put in the ground properly and set up for success.

Now it’s time to focus on keeping our crops free of weeds and giving them enough water and nutrients to grow big and strong so we can harvest in the fall. 

Our farmland is undergoing a USDA Organic audit this summer. We plan to make all of our products USDA Organic by early 2021. Organic farming informs every step of our process to produce non-GMO, pesticide-free crops.

Stay tuned for a fresh look at the farm. In the meantime, we will be focusing on cleaning up our equipment next week and preparing for hot temperatures. See you soon. 


With so many CBD tinctures to choose from these days, it’s hard to make an informed decision. We’ve put together a price per mg comparison, which is the best way to determine how much CBD you’re getting compared to how much you’re paying for it. 

The chart below compares the price per mg of full spectrum CBD tinctures from eight of the most popular CBD makers, including Lazarus Naturals, which comes out on top because our products have some of the lowest prices and the highest amount of CBD in the industry. Best of all, we do everything ourselves from the hemp we grow on our organic farms in Central Oregon, to extraction, formulation, packaging and in-house shipping to your door. That’s how we’re able to control potency, purity, consistency and price.

In a mg-to-mg comparison, Lazarus Naturals comes out the winner against these best-selling CBD tinctures. When you buy our products, you can be assured that you are getting what you pay for.

What is Full Spectrum CBD?

Full Spectrum CBD contains additional compounds from hemp extract. They are often described as having a “hempier”, more natural or “earthy” taste. Many people recommend Full Spectrum CBD products over isolate-based options. It is believed that all of the compounds found in cannabis, not just CBD, play an important role in supporting the body. This is known as the entourage effect. It suggests that all the compounds found in hemp work together synergistically to create balance and homeostasis. This is an effect that could not be achieved by any single compound on its own. The body knows what to do with a combination of compounds, which is why Full Spectrum CBD is so popular. 

At this point in time, there isn’t enough scientific research to determine what impact, if any, the entourage effect has as it relates to CBD products. For now, all we have is what you tell us. In time, there will be double-blind studies available so we can better understand the benefits of Full Spectrum CBD. 

Best Price per Mg of CBD: Popular Full Spectrum CBD Tinctures.

Finding the best price for CBD is a difficult task, especially when buying for the first time. Unfortunately, some companies are selling the same amount of CBD for three to four times the price of others. To make sure you don’t overpay, we have compiled a list of products with the best price per milligram (mg) of CBD. Feel free to download and share these images with friends and family interested in CBD. You may even qualify for our CBD Assistance Program. Qualifying veterans, people on long-term disability and low-income can save up to 60% on Lazarus Naturals CBD.

Lazarus Naturals offers an industry-leading 60% discount for veterans, low-income households and individuals on long-term disability. Visit our Assistance Program page for more information and to find out if you qualify.

How to Compare CBD Product Prices.

When comparing products, look at the total milligrams of CBD. This should not be confused with milliliters. Milliliters are used to measure the amount of liquid in a CBD tincture and milligrams measure the amount of CBD in a product. In other words, the size of the tincture says little about the amount of CBD you will be getting. Milligrams of CBD tell a more accurate story. 

Be your own best shopper and use this calculator to determine the amount of CBD per mg before you buy. Shop now.




If you’ve done much comparison shopping of CBD products, the first thing you notice is the wide and often illogical range of price to potency. You would think that the higher the potency, the higher the price. But that isn’t always the case. In a comparison of leading brands, we found some charging three or four times more for the same amount of CBD potency. We’ve always done things differently because we believe in making CBD accessible to all who need it. 

Our company was founded with a mission to provide high-quality CBD for everyone and we price our products fairly. The CBD industry sets prices according to perceived quality, so, we asked ourselves, why should safe, effective CBD only be available to those who can afford the expensive brands? As our company grew, we initiated more efficient processes to control purity, potency and consistency by doing everything ourselves – from growing organic, Non-GMO, pesticide-free hemp to extracting the CBD oil to testing to formulation to packaging. Now we’re passing those savings on to our customers because it’s the right thing to do.

More CBD for the buck.



We’re increasing potency by 33 percent on Standard Potency Full Spectrum CBD Tinctures to make them more effective and less expensive. For example, the 30 ml tincture now has 33 percent more CBD, increasing from 450 mg to 600 mg. The price went from $25 to $20, making the “price per ml” just $.03. 

We’ve decreased the price on our best-selling High Potency Tinctures by at least 25 percent and CBD capsules by 20-40% . The 120 ml bottle has decreased by 40 percent, bringing the price per mg down to  just $.02 per mg. 

CBD consumer advocate and educator Brian Peterson explains that “comparing prices across CBD brands can be confusing even for those who are good at math. But it’s actually easier than you might think. The best way to compare prices is on a “price per milligram of CBD” basis. To calculate the price per milligram for a product, simply divide the total price by the total amount of CBD in milligrams. By comparing prices on the basis of price per milligram, you get a true “apples-to-apples” comparison of value for your money.”

Calculating price per mg


If Price Doesn’t Predict Quality, What Does?

Here are some additional factors to take into consideration when purchasing CBD. 

Look for pure natural ingredients. 

Choose CBD that is free of toxins such as pesticides, herbicides or heavy metals, and unnatural additives. We farm organically-grown, non-GMO, pesticide-free CBD.

Ask for the independent lab test results. 

These are known as a Certificate of Analysis or COA. Reputable companies post these on their websites for any customer to refer to. You can find a COA on our website by visiting the “Test Results” tab on an individual product page and looking for the batch number listed on every bottle of our tinctures.

Choose American-grown hemp. 

Only buy CBD that has been made from hemp grown in the USA. Some companies use hemp from other countries that don’t have the same standards and regulations we do in the USA. Even better, buy from companies that grow their own hemp, like we do at Lazarus Naturals. We own every part of the process, from the farms to the extraction facility to packaging, ensuring that control over safety and quality at every step. 

Look for the Good Manufacturing Practices (cGMP) certification. 

This means the CBD products were produced in a facility that has been audited by a third-party for adherence to Food and Drug Administration (FDA) standards. Those standards ensure that the company is not cutting corners and producing safe, consistent, and effective products. Any reputable CBD company will be forthright about whether or not they are certified.

Brian Peterson, founder and managing editor of the CBDOilUsers.com website, notes that “Lazarus Naturals stands out from the crowd because of their high quality products and affordable prices that are the lowest on the market. [They have] been overwhelmingly voted as the CBD Brand of the Year by members of our CBD Oil Users Group on Facebook for the last three years.”

Check out the complete list of price and potency changes to many of our CBD products. 



CBD balms are so convenient. They go where you go, fitting easily in your bag, backpack or desk drawer. Just as you look to our balms for relaxation and relief, we’re always looking for ways to make improvements and that includes making balm tins easier to use. Young and old alike, you’ve let us know how important it is to be able to easily open and close the tin. We hear you. So, after months of trial and research, testing out literally hundreds of containers, we found the holy grail of easy-to-use tins with resealable lids. 

Not only are the new tins easier to open and close, they don’t leak or feel greasy with regular use. A silicon liner creates a tighter seal to keep the balm from escaping onto the threads of the tin. The new tins are also easier to grasp when opening and closing, too. So, you can dip into the balm more freely than ever. 

Smaller tins contain 100 mg more CBD for $1 more.

Our small half-ounce tin is now slightly bigger at .67 ounces with an additional 100mg of CBD for the same price. The new, larger two-ounce tin looks very similar to what you’re used to seeing. But don’t worry, we won’t get confused. In fact, we’ve already removed all the old tins from our inventory. From all of us at Lazarus Naturals, please enjoy your favorite CBD balm in new, no fuss tins. Let us know what you think of the new tins here or at: [email protected]





The dry, high desert climate near the 45° parallel is ideal for growing and harvesting hemp. Much of the organic, Non-GMO, pesticide-free hemp we use to make our hemp-derived products is grown on our Central Oregon organic farms. We’re excited to report that we’re working with Oregon Tilth to produce 120 acres of organic hemp this year, with the rest of the farm becoming Certified Organic in 2022. 

Life on the farm is very busy right now. In early spring of this year, we began prepping our seeds and watching them sprout in the greenhouse. The tiny plants were moved to the hoop house where roots can really take hold and the plants can adjust to the climate. Now, they’re in the ground. Before long, they’ll grow into big, beautiful hemp plants. From seeds to hearty plants, see our process below. 

Hemp seeds are ready to be germinated.

Nutrient-rich organic, loamy soil gives the seeds everything they need to flourish. 

Automated seeding.

An automated seeding machine creates an indentation, and a seed is dropped in and covered with more soil.

Hello sprout! 

After 3-5 days in the greenhouse, the seeds sprout and little hemp leaves push up through the soil.

Once germinated, the plants move to the hoop house, a larger greenhouse that allows the warmth of the sun and Central Oregon’s cool, dry air to flow in and out.  

Before long, the hemp plants will be ready for planting outside in the fields. They just need to grow a bit and become used to the change in temperature and climate. 

Planting time is here.

In a couple months these small plants will be huge and ready for harvest. Extraction, formulation and plenty of testing for purity, potency, heavy metals and impurities along the way. There’s a lot of activity on the farms right now. We’ll be posting updates all season. 


If you’ve ever posted a review or comment on our website or on social media and discovered that it didn’t get posted, or there was no response from Lazarus Naturals, this is what probably happened. 

The Federal Drug Administration (FDA) has strict guidelines about what you should or shouldn’t say about CBD. Similar to herbal supplements, the FDA does not allow any perceived claims or promises related to food and dietary CBD products to be made in a public forum, even if it’s about your personal experience. Even well-intentioned reviews and comments that address specific diseases and ailments are only acceptable for registered drugs, not CBD in food or dietary products.

If the content of a comment or review doesn’t meet the FDA’s guidelines, we don’t post the review, nor do we respond or reply to the sender if it’s posted on social media. We understand how frustrating that can be, so here are some tips and suggestions to help you have what you’ve written successfully posted. Sharing your experience helps educate others and we love hearing from you. We read everything and appreciate your comments, even if we’re unable to respond. 

Acceptable ways to tell your own CBD story

Here are some examples of statements and phrasing that are acceptable for posting on our website and social media. Below are statements that are considered unacceptable for posting.

Topics to stay away from when writing a post or review. 


Health & disease claims:

We are unable to post anything related to how CBD could impact a disease or health condition. This includes customer claims of using CBD to treat, cure or prevent a medical issue. 

As a general rule, we do not approve a post that even mentions a diagnosable medical or mental condition. 

Structure & function claims:

When referencing how CBD might impact the structure or function of the body, keep in mind that we won’t post claims such as pain relief, reduced anxiety or improved levels of concentration. Or an intention to affect any structure or function of the body. This includes damage to an organ, part, structure or system of the body doesn’t function properly or a state of health leading to damage, pain, etc. 

Other unapproved terms include any references to drug addiction or drug treatment, pain or pain management as pain is difficult to remove from implicit connections to diseases or structure/function issues. 

Human products for pets:

We won’t post comments or reviews that reference giving animals a CBD product that is intended for human consumption. Conversely, this also applies to posts that mention human consumption of a CBD pet product.

Risky vs. acceptable words

Even though CBD is legal, our products fall under the category of dietary and food supplements, meaning the effects or benefits are not approved. So, we will never convey or post disease or health claims. Descriptions like pain relief, anti-anxiety, prevention and diagnosis are perceived by the FDA as claims and promises and can’t be used in a review or comment about our CBD products. 

FDA Disclaimer: These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.