What is CBD Coffee?

Maybe you have heard of CBD coffee, maybe you haven’t. Simple as it sounds, CBD coffee is coffee infused with CBD (cannabidiol). It is a growing sensation in the coffee industry that can help add some mellow to your cup of joe. Don’t worry, CBD is a non-pyschoactive ingredient, so you won’t feel groggy or zoned-out. Rather, people turn to CBD for its potential relaxing effects on the body, whereas mentally you should still get the same zip from caffeine that you are used to.

Pour Over CBD Coffee at Trichome Event

Where Can You Find CBD Coffee Shops?

Many cafes across the nation are starting to serve CBD coffee in house. Whether it be as permanent additions to their menu or during special events such as those we host at Trichome, coffee shops see CBD as a beneficial new offering in addition to their traditional caffeinated drinks. We are only going to see more coffee shops offering CBD-infused drinks as time goes on. As long as coffee shop owners are using CBD derived from hemp (such as the CBD products we sell), they can serve it legally in all 50 states. If you are interested in serving CBD coffee at your shop, feel free to sign up through our wholesale page for deep discounts.

Potential Benefits of a CBD & Caffeine Combo

At this point, everyone is pretty familiar with caffeine. As a stimulant, caffeine increases the activity in your central nervous system, which can help you feel more awake and focused. Unfortunately, caffeine’s stimulatory effects can also make some users feel restless, shaky, and anxious. In contrast, many people believe CBD to be a soothing ingredient for the body that leaves your mind unaffected. That is why CBD could provide a nice Ying to caffeine’s Yang, evening out your morning buzz.

How to Make Your Own CBD Coffee At Home

So maybe there aren’t any cafes serving CBD coffee near you. Don’t worry. Making CBD coffee can be as easy as adding a few drops of a flavorless tincture to your morning brew, however many prefer to go a step further by using CBD-infused coconut oil. If you are familiar with bullet proof coffee, which incorporates butter and oils into coffee, it is a very similar concept. First you brew your coffee. Then add whatever amount of CBD-infused coconut oil you feel comfortable with. For best results, you then want to put the mixture into a blender or use an immersion blender. (Stirring it in with a spoon will work somewhat, however because the CBD-infused coconut oil is in fact, oil, it won’t want to naturally blend into your coffee.) Lastly, drink and enjoy!

CBD coconut oil and coffee on table


So what do you think about CBD coffee? Is it something you would try or something you already enjoy? Feel free to share your thoughts and questions in the comments below.

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17 replies
    • Michael Freund says:

      Great question! Generally CBD begins to degrade at temperatures above 320 degrees Fahrenheit (160 degrees Celsius). However, water boils at 212 degrees Fahrenheit (100 degrees Celsius). So even if your coffee was boiling hot, it shouldn’t affect the potency of the CBD. I will update the blog with this information!

  1. grbullets says:

    If the CBD is not water soluble, then does it float to the top or sink to the bottom of a cup of coffee? Is the blender just to scramble the oil into a million little droplets or what? Won’t they all come back together to form larger droplets and eventually bind back into an oil slick if you don’t down the cup fairly quickly? Will it bind with a powdered creamer? How can you get it to dilute in a cup of coffee? Oil and water don’t mix, so whats the deal? Sounds to me like you’re likely to get it all at once be it at the beginning or the end of the cup….

    • Michael Freund says:

      It definitely takes a little bit of experimentation to get a consistent mixture, however, we have received good feedback. As you said, the blender is used to scramble the coffee and CBD oil together shortly before drinking. The CBD oil and coffee will eventually separate, but by adding fats like cream, butter, or MCT oil you can increase the stability of the mixture. If you would like more advice, most bulletproof coffee recipes should apply to CBD coffee.

  2. Buck Johnson says:

    If you made your own capsules what size empty capsules would you need for, say, 25mg , 50 mg ? I feel it would be best if the capsule was as small a size as possible for each. Any comments would be appreciated .

    • Michael Freund says:

      It all depends on what you are filling the capsules with. We have heard of customers making their own capsules with our isolates, tinctures, as well as RSO. Because each product varies in potency and consistency it is hard to say. Of course, if you want a simple option for capsules we sell both 25mg and 50mg sizes in our store.

  3. Elijah Bagley says:

    Michael, your answers to everyone’s questions here on the blog are exceptionally eloquent. Just commenting to let you know I’m really impressed. Keep up the good work. Huge thanks to you and the Lazarus team for providing a high quality product and above/beyond customer service.

    • Michael Freund says:

      Thank you so much, Elijah! Your words are sincerely appreciated. We know the CBD market is pretty turbulent right now so we try our best to provide honest, clear, and kind advice to help cut through the noise. It is great to hear our message is getting through.

      I hope you enjoy your Labor Day weekend and if you are interested in buying any products, you can use coupon code “Laborday12” at checkout for 12% off.

  4. Will says:

    I love adding either the full spectrum tincture or RSO to my coffee. I simply stir it before drinking to mix around with no problems. I’ve always depended on coffee for energy and focus, especially in the morning but I have a lot of stress so the CBD does seem to balance everything out. Even if I don’t mix the two, I’ll still use some CBD under the tongue then drink the coffee. I can’t believe I went so many years without the combo!

  5. Arnie says:

    I personally add your CBD infused coconut oil to my coffee, I own a small coffee shop in Maeystown, IL, and will be offering it both for sale by the jar, and added to the coffee I roast fresh and brew fresh! Tastes great, and it does work. Takes a little longer to notice than just dropping the oil under the tongue, but as with all the Lazarus CBD oils, it is great!

  6. Henry says:

    This is a great idea! I drink bulletproof coffee in the mornings (found out about it when I started Keto dieting) and this seems like a great addition to the routine. I don’t drink the standard recipe, I tweaked it and now can’t wait to try this twist.


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