Employee Spotlight: Meet Stephanie

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Employee Spotlight: Meet Stephanie



Stephanie brings 15 years of manufacturing experience to Lazarus Naturals as she continues to play an essential role in our day-to-day operations.


As our Maintenance Manager, Stephanie is hard at work implementing new technology that ensures everything we do at Lazarus Naturals continues to run smoothly. She celebrates her one-year anniversary with us on Aug. 27 and we’re looking forward to celebrating many more!

How did you first hear about Lazarus Naturals?


I was working at another facility and LinkedIn pinged me about an opening with Lazarus. After applying, I got a call from Dylan [Summers, Interim CMO & Director of Government Affairs and Compliance] from the next day and started a week later. My one-year anniversary here is on Aug. 27!

What made you most excited about the prospect of working here?


The fact that it’s CBD. I had been wanting to get into the cannabis industry since I moved here from Las Vegas with my wife [in 2015]. I started out at Lazarus as an equipment technician and moved my way up with the knowledge and experience I’ve gained in manufacturing over the last 15 years.

What are some of your main tasks as our Maintenance Manager?


At the moment, it’s mainly implementing and moving forward with an Industry 4.0 smart factory. I’ve implemented the entire CMMS system doing asset management and documenting PM’s, putting them online. I got a web portal for everyone on all sites to be able to put in work tickets for down equipment, maintaining assets between here and all of Seattle.


I also fix the machines and retrofit them to have them act how we want them to act. Because of the cannabis industry being so new… It’s all about retrofitting and engineering new ideas.

What do you enjoy most about working here?


I love the constant change and how everyone works together. We work to make stuff happen and recognize problems and rectify them as quickly as possible. I really enjoy the tight-knit group of people here that work at Lazarus. Everyone here is on board with the cause and is passionate about doing something that changes the lives of other people.


One of the things I regularly do at night is read the posts from everyone who comment on our social media about how much the products work and how much they help. I love being an advocate for that. It doesn’t feel like a job when you’re passionate about it.