Moms rise to the challenge every day. To the teachers, coaches, cooks, mediators, tech wizards and owie fixers, we appreciate all moms do, especially now. So we selected WIN (Women in Need) to be the recipient of our Mother’s Day weekend sales fundraiser. 

WIN works to improve the lives of New York City’s women and children by providing safe housing and critical services to help homeless women and their children rebuild their lives and break the cycle of homelessness in the city. Close to 60,000 people sleep in shelters every night in NYC. 80 percent of them will be women and children. WIN provides them with clean, safe housing and services like childcare, computer literacy classes, and vocational workshops. WIN’s ultimate goal is to progressively offer moms and their children a way out of homelessness, and into permanent homes.

Lazarus Naturals supports the work WIN is doing to help mothers and children and end the cycle of poverty and homelessness in New York City. 

Here’s to mom everywhere, we love you. A big thank you to everyone who made purchases over Mother’s Day weekend. We’ve always believed in the power of helping others by giving back and you helped make a difference. Learn more about the work WIN (Women In Need) is doing to help moms and children. 



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  1. Jacquelyny08 says:

    This is amazing. Such a compassionate company! I am a single parent and dm raising my 4 grandchildren. I.know firsthand the stress poverty inflicts upon women and families. If it weren’t for your compsssion low income discount I would not be able to purchase cbd oil products that help me tremendously. Thank you for caring about the often forgotten sect of people that desperately need help to improve their lives.

  2. Victoria Brown says:

    I have been blessed to have loving parents and a wonderful husband. My children are grown and have wonderful families of their own. We have always had plenty of money to pay for housing and food and we’ve been able to give our kids a first rate education.
    More and more I’m aware of the plight of women not as fortunate. I applaud your efforts on their behalf.

  3. Maggie says:

    This is really wonderful. I hope you will engage equally in local services of the same kind. My understanding is that you are based in Portland,

  4. Celeste Lea DeFreese says:

    You guys are amazing, thank you for this.

    Much Love

    From a full time working mom, who became a full time stay at home mom because of COVID-19.

    Yay moms!


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