The accolades keep coming in 2019. Lazarus Naturals received Rave Reviews’ honor of being included in their updated list of the “20 Best CBD Oils.” We are the only CBD company in the Pacific Northwest to receive this Rave Reviews honor.

Rave Reviews used a methodology that included input from industry experts, a detailed analysis of consumer reviews and hands-on testing for dozens of CBD oil products. Each product considered for the list was evaluated on several key categories including product quality and purity, value, source and company transparency. Lazarus Naturals received its latest award after passing all of this criteria.

Our products were also named “Best Value” in the list, with Rave Reviews declaring us the “hands down” winner for “making CBD available to the masses without skimping on quality.” They also highlighted us “a company with a strong ethical backbone.”

So far in 2019, our High Potency CBD Tincture was given the Remedy Review Seal of Approval for our commitment to quality and safety, and CBDOilUsers.com included us in their “Best CBD Oil Without THC” list. Remedy Review also named us in their “Top CBD Brands” roundup. 

June 2019 Update: Lazarus Naturals has earned several other awards and honors for our products and overall commitment to quality and safety. Remedy Review kicked off the summer by highlighting our tinctures in their new “Best CBD Oils To Buy Online” and “Best CBD Oils For Athletes” lists.

The trusted online CBD reference source noted their “Best Of” guides are “a list of the best brands we trust most.” They third-party test all mentioned products for cannabinoid content, heavy metals and pesticides, among other criteria.

Their list of CBD Oils to buy included our French Vanilla Mocha High Potency CBD Tincture. Remedy Review called it “one of the best products we tested in terms of flavor, strength and relaxation. They also noted its “strong terpene profile.”

Lazarus Naturals earned “Best CBD For Recovery” in the list of CBD oils for athletes. Remedy Review also wrote that our tinctures are “tasty flavor options” for those who don’t like the taste of hemp.

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  1. Gloria Anderson says:

    All I can say is- Lazarus Naturals is your best bet in terms of quality, price and effectiveness! I applaud this wonderful company not just for their amazing products, but also for how they go the extra mile in making CBD affordable for those on restricted incomes. I tell everyone I know about Lazarus Naturals and how much their products have added so much value to my everyday living by helping me live a more normal life. I have tried the Lavender and Cedar-Citrus Balms, the 3000 mg Tincture, CBD Massage oil and CBD-infused Coconut Oil- and they all work almost miraculously! I could talk all day about these products! Keep doing what you do because you make our world better! Blessings and much continued SUCCESS! Thank you!
    Gloria Anderson

  2. Daniel Sampsel says:

    An amazing 60% discount for veterans and long-term disabled folks. Kudos to a company giving back to its customers.

  3. dbhmgb says:

    I’ve been using Lazarus Naturals for a while now. I started using only Lazarus after the first time I bought it because its quality is the best! Lazarus is so effective for me. I will only continue to use it.

  4. Mnyhammer says:

    I have told all my friends and family about Lazarus Naturals. First, of their “QUALITY” and then when I tell them how they help out individuals; like myself, who have a disability, or veterans and low income WOW! I even give their Pet CBD to my three dogs and two cats…and what a difference I have seen in them. Thank you Lazarus Naturals for all you “make” and do!!
    Melissa N.

  5. Happy Lazarus Naturals Customer says:

    Lazarus Naturals tinctures are the best! Great quality, consistency, natural flavors, and prices. I won’t be going anywhere else for my CBD as long as they keep knocking it out of the park like this!

  6. John Rossik says:

    I find that the darker the oil the nastier it tastes! Hey, just being honest! Don’t get me wrong I love this company! The first time around with tincture just caught me by surprise. Word to the wise, stick to the flavored ones!!!???????????????????

    • Lazarus Naturals Team says:

      Hi Ray, we are sorry to hear about this experience!

      There is a possibility of a false positive on a drug screening taking any CBD products unfortunately. Our Full spectrum products can contain up to 0.3% THC to be considered federally legal hemp. This means that there can be up to 3 mg of THC per ml or gram. With daily use, THC gradually build up in the body’s fat cells over time. Factors that contribute to a positive test include weight, metabolism, and genetics, among others.

      While our isolate based products are considered “THC free,” this doesn’t guarantee a drug test won’t still show positive for traces of THC. Some drug screenings show CBD as THC, or cannabis metabolite. Because of these reasons we strongly suggest not using any CBD products if THC is a concern for you.


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