A recent study from Leafly confirms the consistency and accuracy of Lazarus Naturals products. However, their findings also highlight the dangers of not receiving the amount of CBD that you expect.

The study involves sending 47 popular CBD products for outside lab testing to determine the total CBD in them. Leafly selects Lazarus Naturals Standard Potency CBD Tincture for the study.

Bruce Barcott, report author and senior editor at Leafly, tells Forbes that “we are in a Golidlocks and the Three Bears moment when it come to CBD and the CBD market. Some products have way too little CBD. Some are delivering way too much and some are delivering just the right amount.”

The Findings

Our Standard Potency CBD Tincture is one of the products in the study that delivers on its potency promises. However, one in three products contain less than 80% of the CBD they claim to deliver. A shocking 11% of the tested products did not contain any CBD whatsoever.

Nearly 17% of the products also contain more than 120% of the total CBD they claim to have. Although getting more CBD than you pay for sounds positive, it can lead to undesired effects.

“Patients [and] consumers aren’t looking for bonus CBD. They’re looking for reliability and the same [serving size] time after time,” Barcott explains.

However, the study results show progress compared to three years ago. A similar FDA study from 2016 shows that 77% of tested products contain less CBD than stated on the label. Many products in the study also did not contain any CBD.

Be A Smart Consumer

We encourage all CBD users to make sure their product is safe, reliable and consistent. Only purchase from companies that send their products for third-party lab testing and make the results readily available.

Third-party lab results for all Lazarus Naturals products can be found on our website. Click the “Test Results” tab under each individual product page.

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    • McCarton Ackerman says:

      Hi Angela, we are not able to offer medical advice. We recommend consulting with your doctor to discuss how CBD may interact with any medications you are taking.

  1. D Coleman says:

    I have tested many different strengths and tastes. I love the chocolate mint. It’s very nice , high potency and full spectrum. I Love your products. I have tried out other products and nothing compares. I am blessed to get the assistance that you offer. It helps so much.

    I do wish you all could make another size in between the large and small size and have a medium size.

    I love our balm. My favorite is cedar. On Christmas, I will be testing out the Portland Rose Balm. I will let you know how it works out. Thank you so much.

    Happy Holidays,


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