CBD balms are so convenient. They go where you go, fitting easily in your bag, backpack or desk drawer. Just as you look to our balms for relaxation and relief, we’re always looking for ways to make improvements and that includes making balm tins easier to use. Young and old alike, you’ve let us know how important it is to be able to easily open and close the tin. We hear you. So, after months of trial and research, testing out literally hundreds of containers, we found the holy grail of easy-to-use tins with resealable lids. 

Not only are the new tins easier to open and close, they don’t leak or feel greasy with regular use. A silicon liner creates a tighter seal to keep the balm from escaping onto the threads of the tin. The new tins are also easier to grasp when opening and closing, too. So, you can dip into the balm more freely than ever. 

Smaller tins contain 100 mg more CBD for $1 more.

Our small half-ounce tin is now slightly bigger at .67 ounces with an additional 100mg of CBD for the same price. The new, larger two-ounce tin looks very similar to what you’re used to seeing. But don’t worry, we won’t get confused. In fact, we’ve already removed all the old tins from our inventory. From all of us at Lazarus Naturals, please enjoy your favorite CBD balm in new, no fuss tins. Let us know what you think of the new tins here or at: [email protected]





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  1. chrisiden says:

    I just received my first order today shipped lightening fast ( 2 days) and I absolutely love it!
    (the mint balm smells wonderful along with full spectrum high potency and 50mg capsules)
    it all helped very quickly in under 20 minutes!

    *Thank you Lazarus Naturals for helping most of us feel better and keeping the prices in our budget.

    Wishing LN and Everyone who reads my post WELLNESS And Success <3

  2. Marlis says:

    I love your products introduced to me by a friend in Washington state. So glad to know the balm containers are larger and easier to open/close. I still have the mint and cedar cream And plan to try the lavender in the larger size next time! I also use the spectrum and sleep like a baby! Thanks!

  3. charmurr says:

    I regularly purchase the RSO oil in the largest size which helps alot. I also purchased the balms 2 oz sizes, citrus, lavender & Rose scented. All smell great. I especially like the lavender & the citrus. The rose is great too. It does work quickly for me. And I don’t have the side effects that I have had from prescription diclofenac topical solutions for the same anti-inflammatory results. No itching, rash from the CBD balm, just softer skin & the results again work very quickly on me. I heard about Lazarus from my daughter & really appreciate the break in costs. Thank you Lazarus & kudos!!!

  4. Wendy Kozel says:

    What a terrific company Lazarus Naturals is! Excellent product and customer service with economical delivery of relief. I want to thank you also for the help you give to those of us that are disabled. Your graciousness goes a long way.

  5. lizacher says:

    Hi Lazarus Naturals, have you also updated your 1200mg tins? Those are hard to open too with the lid threads misaligning easily and also with oily hands.

    • Lazarus Naturals Team says:

      Thanks for asking! No we have only updated our 400mg (used to be 300mg) tins as these were the tins with the most common issues. If you have issues opening your balm tin, please contact us for assistance or a replacement!


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