American Views on CBD Are Shifting

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American Views on CBD Are Shifting

U.S. views on CBD are shifting rapidly. A new Gallup poll finds that many Americans are aware of CBD, believe it has health benefits and should be available over the counter.

The Gallup poll shows 39 percent of Americans think CBD should be available for purchase over the counter. That number includes 36 percent of people who are “not familiar” with CBD. Among those who know about CBD, 61 percent think it should be allowed to buy CBD over the counter. Another 21 percent support CBD use with a doctor’s prescription. Only six percent of participants said CBD should not be available even with a prescription. 

Nearly two-thirds of Americans are now aware of CBD oil. However, their knowledge of these products varies greatly. Nearly 14 percent of poll participants said they’re “very familiar” with CBD. Nearly 33 percent report being “somewhat familiar” and 17 percent are “not too familiar.” Seniors in the poll showed less awareness of CBD. Half of seniors had heard of it, compared to two-thirds of those under age 65.

Most Americans surveyed also think CBD has health benefits. Forty-five percent said CBD has “some benefits” and 37 percent believe it has “a lot of benefits.” Only four percent of those surveyed think CBD has no health benefits.”

Other recent surveys support the findings of this latest Gallup poll. A Harris poll released this April finds millennials are 50 percent more likely to use CBD than baby boomers. About 12 percent of the 35-44 age group and 10 percent of 18-34 year olds use CBD. Only 5 percent of all age groups over 45 use CBD products.

CBD use and interest continues to rise among all groups. CBD became the most widely searched cannabinoid on Google in 2016 and is now one of the most popular searches overall.