Brand Ambassador Spotlight: Master of Snowboarding, Brandon Cocard

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Brand Ambassador Spotlight: Master of Snowboarding, Brandon Cocard
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Watching Brandon Cocard’s pro snowboarding videos is a real feast for the eyes. With all of the insane stunts he pulls to get the shot, we figured it was time to pick his brain to see just how he gets those shots and learn how quickly he recovers. According to Brandon, CBD is at the center of it all. Between managing the stresses of filming and recovering from the injuries that happen to winter sports enthusiasts on the slopes, Brandon is finding the sweet spot with Lazarus Naturals CBD. In this exclusive interview, we sat down with Brandon to learn more about him, his career, and how he’s using CBD to get the most out of his sport. 

So tell us, how exactly did you get into snowboarding? 

When I was a kid, my parents and I moved to California. It was my first time in the snow, but my dad got me into the sport by showing me this awesome snowboarding video. We watched it together, and afterward, I was like “heh, this is what I’m gonna do.”cbd for athletes

Right on, your first time seeing snow is always so magical! It sounds like the love for the sport and for filming the sport grew from there. Would you say that it’s your favorite thing to do even today? 

Oh yes, for sure. I’ve made a lot of great friends and had a lot of really awesome memories. It’s also given me so many great opportunities, like traveling and meeting new people. Snowboarding and filming have taken me all over the world— to Japan, Switzerland, France. All those awesome places you get to see in movies.

cbd for athletes 

Man, that’s cool. So you go out there to enjoy the slopes and to film the sport? 

Yeah absolutely. The first snowboarding video I saw back then was the one that got me into the sport, and now I want to get other people stoked to go snowboarding. It’s all about spreading the love and performing new tricks and getting people out there to enjoy it. It’s also an inspiration for me and my music. Music and snowboarding go hand in hand, and there’s lots of inspiration to be had out there on the slopes. I don’t listen to music while I’m out there, but it helps me find inspiration for my videos and for my music afterward.

I bet that’s so much fun. It’s a demanding sport, but it seems like it's so worth doing. Do you ever get injured while you’re out there? 

Heh, yeah injuries come with the territory sometimes. Yesterday I actually banged my kneecap pretty good on a handrail while filming a shot. But that’s actually where CBD comes in for me. I use it a lot for recovery and stuff like that. Bumps and bruises aren’t really worth making a trip to the doctor for, so it helps a lot with pain. 

cbd for athletes

Ah I see! I hope it starts feeling better soon. What kind of products seem to work best? 

I use the muscle gels a lot. They’re great after you get hurt, but they’re also great before. I put some on before I go if I’m feeling stiff and then reapply at the end of the day. I also really like softgels. I take those like every day for keeping pain and inflammation at bay, but also for keeping a level head out there. But as for recovery, I stick to the muscle gels. 

That makes perfect sense. It helps you kinda get into the zone while you’re out there and to protect and repair your body after taking a tumble. Can I ask — how did you end up on Lazarus Naturals? With so many different brands to try out there, what helped us stick for you? 

A friend of mine actually handed me a sample of one of the topicals. I could tell right away it was top quality by the tin and hand-stamped label. You know— it looked kind of mom and pop, and those are usually the best CBD creams. I tried it and sure enough, it was way better than all the other stuff I was using before. So I stuck with Lazarus ever since. The packaging has changed but the “handmade with love” quality is still there. 

cbd for athletes

That’s great, we’re so happy to hear that! It’s been super cool to sit down and chat with you about your sport and your lifestyle. While you face injuries and deal with the stresses of catching the perfect shots and making music, you’re still taking the time to take care of your mind and body in a healthy way. 

For sure, it was a pleasure! I think there’s a lot of positive stuff surrounding CBD and I’ve had nothing but positive results with it. There’s really nothing like it for recovery and for daily wellness. Plus no side effects or distracting highs, it’s definitely worthy for any athlete. 

CBD, snowboarding, and creative endeavors go hand in hand. As a daily supplement, CBD can help elevate your game, speed up your recovery times, and help you enjoy quiet moments in everything you do. Special thanks again to Brandon Cocard for taking the time to meet with us! Check out some of his videos below.