Can CBD Help With Sex?

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Can CBD Help With Sex?

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With potential benefits of CBD for nearly every aspect of overall wellness, you may also be curious whether CBD has any influence on your libido—or for entering into the ideal physical and mental state for intimacy. If you’re tired of mediocre, even painful, sex and desire to turn up the heat—you’ve come to the right place. Emerging research suggests CBD may be the key to unlocking your libido and facilitating more comfortable intimate encounters. We’ve broken down the science between CBD and sex. Read on to discover how CBD may be able to enhance your love life!

The Science Behind CBD, Sex & Libido 

Before we dive in, it helps to understand how scientists believe CBD works within the body. CBD works by interacting with receptors in the endocannabinoid system (ECS) which are responsible for modulating various background processes in the body—like mood, inflammation responses, immune system function, body temperature, appetite, and more. 

While CBD doesn’t trigger effects directly, it can work with your ECS to help it perform optimally to help keep you balanced. The most well-studied effects of CBD on the ECS involve reducing inflammation and playing a role in stress and anxiety relief.

Intimacy can be particularly difficult, especially for those who experience anxiety and suffer with sex avoidance.¹ One review found that CBD could alleviate anxiety—including social anxiety.² Sometimes, our own personal mental clouds distract us from the moments that matter most and can lead to insecurity and/or discomfort in the bedroom. CBD’s balancing effects within the ECS may make silencing anxious thoughts easier, so you’re able to get in the mood and facilitate the openness required to explore intimacy with your partner.

Outside of anxiety, physical discomfort can contribute to low sex drive or sex avoidance. Nearly 75% of women experience painful sex at some point in their lives.³ For some, the discomfort is only temporary, but for many, it can be a long-term problem. Research suggests that CBD may help reduce pain-causing inflammation in areas of the body that contribute to a lower sex drive. Emerging research indicates that CBD may be able to help relax muscles on the pelvic floor, making intimacy less painful for women.⁴ 

Studies show that CBD may relieve physical and mental stresses—allowing you to relax and set a sensual mood. Keep in mind, however, that research on CBD and libido is minimal. We might have a lot of anecdotal reports suggesting ways that CBD is helpful in the bedroom, but science is still catching up—so there could be a lot of misinformation out there regarding the relationship between CBD and sex.

Other Potential Benefits of CBD For Intimacy 

While there may only be two primary studies suggesting CBD's role in improving sex, there are a few other potential uses for CBD in the bedroom. For example, one study found that there are ECS receptors in and around your genitals—including the vulva and testicles. Similar receptors are also found in the brain. Some evidence suggests that CBD and THC might boost libido and combat low sex drive.⁵ However, alternative research concluded cannabinoids might decrease libido.⁶ These sorts of conflicting studies just point to the need for more, specific research to determine if CBD truly helps with low sex drive. 

Another study found that CBD may help combat erectile dysfunction.⁷ CBD can potentially relax blood vessels and improve circulation to the penis—which may promote longer-lasting sex and performance.

Lastly, CBD might help with poor natural lubrication. Nearly 17% of women report consistently having trouble enjoying intimacy due to a lack of natural vaginal lubrication.⁸ Using a synthetic lubricant may improve sexual performance and reduce pain, but studies also suggest that CBD may help improve sex by reducing inflammation during intercourse.⁹ Many CBD manufacturers make personal lubricants infused with CBD to help soothe sore muscles and reduce pain while supplementing for the lack of natural lubrication.

As more and more research is conducted, it’s possible that CBD may help with pain during sex, libido, and even erectile dysfunction—but further studies are required for definitive evidence.

Potential Drawbacks of CBD For Sex 

As alluded to earlier, the relationship between CBD and sex is a tricky topic.

For example, one review deduced cannabis use affects fertility by decreasing follicle-stimulating hormones in both men and women—reducing regular sperm production in males and affecting a woman’s natural ovulation cycle.¹⁰

However, it’s important to keep in mind, these effects were experienced with cannabis—which contains higher amounts of THC than a full spectrum CBD oil. It's too early to for concrete scientific research to definitively whether CBD or THC on its own affects fertility. If you’re considering trying for a baby, you can speak with your doctor about using CBD for sex and whether or not it might affect your chances of getting pregnant.

How To Incorporate CBD Into Your Sex Life 

If you’re interested in trying CBD to enhance your sex life, you’ve got a few different options. For one, you can eat CBD gummies beforehand to help alleviate any anxiety or inflammation you’re experiencing that may prevent you from fulfilling sex. You could also try using CBD massage oil before (or even during) sex to help you and your partner foster intimacy. Taking full spectrum CBD oil tinctures before sex could possibly help reduce anxiety or boost the sensation of touch. Then there’s the use of personal CBD lubricants to help reducing dryness and make sex more pleasurable. 

As noted, further study is still needed to establish a more concrete ink between sex, your ECS, and CBD. But regardless of whether you’re exploring CBD to elevate intimacy or seeking natural ways to help live your best life, count on Lazarus Naturals for support at every step of your wellness journey.