CBD Access Bills Could Spark Change Nationwide

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CBD Access Bills Could Spark Change Nationwide

For those who need it most, CBD can offer a multitude of benefits. But for those struggling to legally use or obtain access to it, three new bills created in Virginia are making CBD access easier than ever. The Virginia CBD access bills could also inspire similar changes across the country.

All three of these bills have passed the Virginia Senate and House. They require action from Virginia Governor Ralph Northam by March 26. If he approves the legislation, they will go into effect July 1.

SB 1719

Sponsored by Sen. David Mardsen, the bill is designed to benefit seniors and others who cannot drive to pick up their CBD oil due to physical limitations. It will allow these individuals to designate someone else to pick up their CBD oil products without running the risk of being charged with possession of an illegal substance. Participants will need to be given a written note from their doctor to go to these dispensaries, the “registered agents” designated to pick up CBD oil products would have to register with the Board of Pharmacy and there will be a cap on how many registered agents an individual can have.

“This medicine is not like a regular medicine you can get at CVS where you can just go have your spouse pick it up,” said Jenn Michelle Pedini, the executive director of VirginiaNORML. “This has to be a registered person, so we needed to create this definition under state law.”

SB 1632

Sponsored by Sen. Glen Sturtevant, this bill requires school boards to implement policies to prevent students with “valid written certification” to use CBD oil from being suspended or expelled if they use it on school grounds.

In addition to a certificate issued from a medical practitioner that explains the reason for use, the CBD oil must be issued by a pharmaceutical processor. Parents must also provide written consent and the school needs to receive specific instructions on how the exact serving size should be administered.

SB 1557

In accordance with SB 1632 and the revised policies from these school boards, school nurses would also be protected from prosecution of possessing and distributing the oils. 

“This bill isn’t just progressive for Virginia, this bill is progressive for the nation,” said Pedini. “Virginia will now be the fourth state in the country to allow school healthcare professionals to administer medical cannabis just as they would any other pharmaceutical.”