CBD College And University Courses On The Rise

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CBD College And University Courses On The Rise

As interest in the benefits of CBD oil continues to increase throughout the country, many college and university courses nationwide are offering the chance to earn certificate programs related to CBD. Many of these college and university courses on CBD oil can even be done online from the comfort of your home.

Vermont Technological College is offering an in-house program beginning this fall that will allow students to earn a CBD and Greenhouse Cash Crop Certificate. Instructors Dave Hartshorn and Christine Motyka specialize in hydroponic growing and all aspects of the CBD business. Training is done in a three-part series and will cover the chemistry of CBD production, laws pertaining to CBD production, cultivation methods for CBD and hydroponics use for greenhouse cash crops.

VTC’s certificate program is the second in the state, with the University of Vermont offering a non-credit, online program that enables students to earn a Cannabis Science and Medicine Professional Certificate. Topics covered in the the University of Vermont program include CBD extraction, as well as handling and processing. However, participants must already have a Bachelor’s Degree and completed college-level courses in Biology and Chemistry before participating.

“We’re viewing this as a start to launch hemp education for students who are interested,” said Heather Darby, University of Vermont Agronomist and Nutrient Management Specialist, to “This is to test the waters and to really develop a meaningful connection.”

Last summer, Sterling College in Vermont also held a one-week course geared towards entrepreneurs who want to start growing CBD.

CBD-Specific Courses

Although nine states have colleges which offer some form of cannabis studies class, program or certificate, the majority of these programs are focused on marijuana. However, a growing number of universities are starting to offer CBD-specific programs.

Last month, Eastern Oklahoma State College launched a CBD production course that teaches students how to process and grow organic cannabidiol. The American College of Apothecaries, located in Tennessee, also offers a “Get To Know CBD Oil” program designed to educate pharmacists and technicians on the topic.

High school students could soon be learning how to break into the industry as well. The school board in Bristol, Va., voted unanimously last month to establish career and technical education classes that will prepare students to work at the CBD oil processing facility that is set to be built in the city. Pending state approval, the classes could begin as early as August.

“We want to promote [the CBD facility] coming to this area and show our students have qualifications that other students may not have,” said Jan Huffman, the division’s career and technical education coordinator. “We have horticulture and floriculture, but this would go even deeper into using hydroponics for growing vegetables and organic foods, so they could use some of those same qualifications in the CBD oil plant by understanding the hydroponics part of that.”

Online Classes

If you don’t live near a brick-and-mortar location offering these courses, several online universities have educational programs and seminars that are specific to CBD. However, it’s important to note that these programs are not affiliated with traditional colleges or universities.

CBD Training Academy holds one-day seminars throughout the country for those interested in establishing a CBD business or continuing their education on the subject. Online courses are available as well. Clover Leaf University also offers a Hemp Business Certification course that is available in-person and online.

Do CBD Degrees Matter?

Because educational opportunities related to CBD are a new field, there are no regulated national standards for certificates in hemp or CBD. In other words, one certification program might take four hours and another might take four months. Certificates or classwork related to CBD are also not a prerequisite for a job in this industry.

However, any additional knowledge you can obtain on CBD will only be beneficial if you’re interested in pursuing a career in this field. If CBD is something that you’re passionate about, you’ll find the coursework to be enjoyable as you start to build the tools for a meaningful and long-lasting career in this industry.