CBD For All | Customer Story: Christy

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CBD For All | Customer Story: Christy

This is the first installment in our testimonial series, where we share stories of our customers that inspire and move us. Over the next few months, we’ll sit down with a handful of customers and share how Lazarus Naturals helps them live a more complete life.

Christy Fish has always been an artist.

In 2007, struggling to find her footing as a single mom, she decided to go back to school to study how to turn her creative abilities into a full-time career — as a tattoo artist. She fell in love with the profession and spent a lot of time then — as she does now — sketching and practicing designs on her iPad for clients.

Between illustrating and tattooing full-time, she began developing intense pain in her wrists, elbows and back over the last 8 years.  She wanted to avoid painkillers and conventional medicine as much as possible. In 2021, she turned to CBD, and ultimately found Lazarus Naturals. She uses Lazarus Naturals’ Relax & Unwind balm in the mornings and evenings to help prevent the cramped muscles and aching tendons that can come with the long tattoo sessions that sometimes last 10 hours. 

After nearly two decades in the tattoo business, Fish now owns her shop in the bustling Boise neighborhood of Portland, OR. Lazarus Naturals is a daily part of her life. She prefers THC-free products — she takes the Energy gummies every morning to give her a morning boost without the coffee jitters, which helps her keep a steady hand. Occasionally, she takes the Full Spectrum sleep gummies to soothe sore muscles and wind down in the evening - preparing her for her creative flow the following day.