Customer Stories

This is part of our CBD For All series, where we share stories of our customers that inspire and move us. We sat down with a handful of customers, who told us how Lazarus Naturals helps them live a healthier, more complete daily life. These are real customers, sharing real stories. Disclosure statement: We did offer store credit in exchange for customers who shared their honest stories and experience with CBD.

Donnie was born in the rural south — in Leaksville, North Carolina. He grew up knowing he wanted to help people. He did just that; he began working for city parks in Georgia and stayed in the sector for 44 years until his retirement in 2021.

While he loved getting to be a part of building public spaces that people could enjoy regardless of age, income, or ability — the daily rigor of the job was not easy on his body. It exacerbated the toll from years of sports and weightlifting earlier in his life.

“I learned that all those years of doing what was traditionally thought was right — heavy squats, heavy bench presses, deadlifts and all that —destroyed my back over time. (I developed) degenerative disc disease, sciatica, arthritis, all these things. And so as my body changed my appreciation for developing parks changed with it.”

Underwood had a complex but successful back surgery in 2015, and again in 2017 to get a T-Lift spinal fusion surgery.

“That enabled me to continue to work, but it took probably two years.”

The recovery was slow, which Underwood felt whenever he went to work.

While Underwood says the doctors worked to give him options for pain and numbness, it generally meant more medication than he was comfortable with, especially while working. He was hesitant to turn to anything related to cannabis (he recalled being indoctrinated by the ad featuring the fried egg in the pan) but a friend suggested he give CBD a try.

After a few months of taking Lazarus Naturals Full Spectrum CBD tincture, his wife Audra noticed that his gait had improved as well as his sleeping.

He takes 100mg of Full Spectrum Tincture every morning, along with 25mg of CBG Flavorless Tincture. It’s been a part of his routine since surgery that helps him feel at his best, daily.

Occasionally he’ll take RSO for help with sleep or a day where he has a lot of inflammation after working on cars, or in the garage. Donnie still helps out with a local church group as a mechanic that helps single mothers and widows with free auto repairs. 

“Lazarus Naturals has helped me to enjoy my life more than I could have otherwise,” Underwood said.  There’s no euphoria, there’s nothing magical. But it kind of triggers and electrifies my system, my body to be at its best as it can at my age. And for that I’m very grateful that I found ya.”