CBD For All | Customer Story: Kelli

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CBD For All | Customer Story: Kelli

In our CBD For All series, we share stories of our customers that inspire and move us. Over the next few months, we’ll sit down with a handful of customers and share how Lazarus Naturals helps them live a more complete life.

 There was a point when Kelli Lawson wasn’t sure what her future held. In 2019, the young mother of two was diagnosed with Ulcerative Colitis — a painful inflammatory bowel disease which causes inflammation and ulcers on the large intestine — and her body rapidly declined. The inflammation in her stomach made it nearly impossible to keep food down, which led to fatigue, trouble sleeping, and severe weight loss.

Lawson also has sensitivities to many doctor-prescribed medicines. She often experienced severe side effects with traditional therapies for her condition. 

She felt scared and weak, and had to stop working. Her husband felt helpless.

A friend suggested that CBD might help and Kelli dug into the research. CBD has been used to combat inflammation and nausea for thousands of years.  Recent research has shown that CBD may help target and reduce inflammation. In some cases, it may help target colitis specifically, though it shouldn't be used in place of medication or without first consulting a doctor if one is on existing medication.

After months of decline, Lawson was able to find medicine that helped. Kelli also discovered Lazarus Naturals' CBD Sleep tincture, and with adding it to her regimen, she was able to start getting regular sleep. She was soon able to keep food down, maintain weight, and have enough energy in the mornings to start getting outside again.

Lazarus Naturals Full Spectrum Sleep Tincture contains a blend of CBG, CBD, and CBN, which Lawson takes daily. She believes that the CBG might help with inflammation in her stomach that plagued her for so long — and that the CBN helps her to get the sleep that helped her body so desperately needed to restore.

“I take CBD and it feels like I have more energy, like I’m less inflamed,” Lawson said. “I feel better than if I’d taken ibuprofen. There’s no ill side effects, it’s just great.”

Fast forward four years and Kelli is back to her usual self, doing the things she loves most. Considering how she felt four years ago, she's thrilled that she now has the daily energy to work from home full time, help homeschool her three kids, and spend time in the Southern Oregon outdoors. 

“I tried so many brands that I hated,” Lawson said. “I found Lazarus Naturals. I liked that they were really honest about their testing, and the product quality. I loved it immediately, started taking it and never stopped.”

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