CBD for pets now includes tasty dog treats!

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CBD for pets now includes tasty dog treats!

Introducing new CBD dog treats and Wild Salmon flavor pet tincture. All of our CBD pet products are made with pet-focused combinations of all-natural ingredients that work well together. Our CBD dog treats and pet tinctures are carefully crafted to help your pet handle fireworks, stay calm during car rides, maintain healthy joints and enjoy a happy, active lifestyle. 

Made to Work. Make for All. 

From growing our own hemp in central Oregon for CBD, to combining it with the finest, human-grade functional ingredients for mobility, vitality and digestion, we’re dedicated to improving your pet’s quality of life at every stage. 

How CBD works in pets

Like us, animals have an endocannabinoid system and CBD is a naturally occurring molecule that interacts with the receptors in that system. So, our pets may experience the same benefits that humans do when we take CBD. They are more bright-eyed, move better, eat better, and just look and act happier.

Help your dog live a well-balanced life with Calm + Vitality Dog Treats

Of course you want your dog to live a full, robust life. Our Calm + Vitality Dog Treats feature an immune-boosting blend of organic reishi and lion’s mane mushrooms, plus organic turmeric for added inflammation and joint support.

Support your dog’s joints and connective tissue with Calm + Mobility Dog Treats

With a combination of CBD, Glucosamine HCL, Fish Oil, Fish Collagen, our Calm + Mobility Dog Treats support joint health in dogs of all ages. So, they can move well, go farther and spend more time doing the activities you love doing together. 

Happy dogs enjoy healthy digestive systems with Calm + Digestion Dog Treats COMING SOON!

Dogs get upset stomachs and need a little rebalancing just like we do. Our Calm + Digestion Dog Treats are a combination of all-natural prebiotics, probiotics, DHA/EPA, pumpkin and organic turmeric specially formulated to support the gut and address inflammation.

Start slow and low

Try ¼ to ½ serving for several days. See how your pet responds and then increase accordingly. Anecdotally, CBD is remarkably safe for humans and pets. Side effects can include dry mouth and drowsiness. 

CBD pet treats are available in 50-treat pouches

  • Grain-free, all-natural Ingredients
  • 3rd party tested 
  • 5mg CBD per treat

Suggested dog treat servings by weight:

Consult your veterinarian before use if your pet is taking any medications or if any adverse reactions occur.

Introducing Wild Salmon flavor pet tincture.

We’ve also expanded our line of pet CBD tinctures to include Calming Salmon Flavor Full Spectrum CBD Tincture. It contains all-natural Wild Salmon oil, Pollock fish oil and CBD to support joint and heart health as well as a silky coat. Tasty, too. 

Check out our other pet tinctures. Both Calming Full Spectrum CBD Tincture and Sensitive Pet THC Free CBD Tincture. have a calming effect on your pet and support overall immune system function. 

CBD Pet Tinctures:

  • 20mg CBD per serving
  • 3rd-party tested 
  • All-natural ingredients
  • Effective for cats, dogs and horses

Suggested pet tincture servings by weight:

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