CBD & Hemp Courses On The Rise In Universities

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CBD & Hemp Courses On The Rise In Universities

Lectures are getting more interesting as CBD and hemp courses make their way into several universities across the country.

There is a current shortage of highly knowledgeable people in these areas. Interest and accessibility of CBD continues to rise, making education on these topics more important than ever.

Doane University in Nebraska is one of the higher education institutes getting on board. Organic chemistry professor Andrea Holmes teaches a program there called “Cannabis Science and Industries: Seeds to Needs.” The professional certificate program covers processing, agriculture, wellness and manufacturing needs, among other topics.

“There is such a need for a qualified workforce, but many just don’t have the right credentials,” said Holmes. “There needs to be a practical training program for direct application.”

Eastern Oklahoma State College features a CBD production course that teaches students how to process and grow organic cannabidiol. The American College of Apothecaries, located in Tennessee, includes a “Get To Know CBD Oil” program that educates pharmacists and technicians on the topic.

Community college programs in these two areas are also starting to appear. Many are in cities with a CBD processing facility and can serve as springboards to local jobs.

However, campuses that offer the programs frequently faced initial pushback. Holmes admits she has “spent more time meeting with faculty…to defend the program than putting it together.”

Hemp Research In Universities

Oregon State University is now home to the largest hemp research center in the United States. They announced the new facility in June. Meanwhile, the University of California - San Diego now has $3 million in state funding for CBD research.

Do CBD Degrees Matter?

Because educational opportunities around hemp and CBD are new, there is not a regulated standard for certificates. In other words, one certification program might take four hours and another might take four months. Certificates or classwork related to CBD are also not a prerequisite for a job in this industry.

However, this will likely change in the near future as more universities offer program. Any additional knowledge will only help if you’re interested in pursuing a career in this field.