How Long Does It Take For CBD To Work?

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How Long Does It Take For CBD To Work?

Two of the most common questions we get asked are “how long does it take for CBD to work” and “how much do I need for the desired benefits?” How well and how quickly CBD works for you can be directly related to how much you take, what format you take, and how you consume it. 

Everyone reacts differently to CBD and there are a few things to consider when finding your perfect CBD Serving size. Weight, metabolism, and genetics, the CBD potency and how you plan to use it. Some first-time users of CBD might experience their desired benefits right away while others note desired effects after 5 to 10 days of regular use. Believe it or not, this is not uncommon. However, you still might be wondering how long it takes for CBD to work. 


  • Speak to your healthcare professional before you start using CBD 
  • Identify potential for conflicts between CBD and any current medication regimen
  • Weight and metabolism play a role in how much you need
  • Consider your sensitivity and tolerance in general
  • Always check potency of any CBD product before using 
  • Choose CBD products that are verified by a third-party lab
  • Keep a journal so you can track how you respond and make adjustments as needed


Three of the most common ways to use CBD are Sublingually, Topically and Orally. 

  • Sublingually, tinctures dropped under the tongue may absorb more quickly than simple ingestion as there may be transmission through the capillary-rich areas under the tongue, bypassing the digestive system and liver. This is considered by many to be the fastest method of absorption. By contrast, food or beverages containing CBD go through your digestive tract before they can be absorbed. This means the amount of CBD which ends up in your system will be relatively low.
  • CBD Topicals, such as lotions, balms and massage oil are absorbed through the skin. This delivery method is beneficial for relief of a specific part of your body. CBD topicals, like ours, may include coconut oil, beeswax or mango butter or another similar substance as a delivery vehicle for a CBD concentrate.
  • Orally, such as CBD pills, capsules, softgels or tinctures, are absorbed via the digestive tract. Swallowing CBD allows them to be absorbed systemically for a generalized effect. This method is said to have the longest lasting effects. 


We recommend that first-time CBD users start out with a small serving size, and then adjust as needed. If you are not achieving the desired benefits, you can slowly increase your serving size until you do. Everybody is different, which means not everyone has a similar response to CBD. 


At Lazarus Naturals, we suggest starting with 50mg of CBD, wait 2 hours and see how you feel. At that point, you could consider increasing your serving by 5mg - 10mg if you are not achieving your desired effects. Keeping track of your serving sizes and any effects you feel can be helpful. 

Be consistent. Take your serving at the same time of day. As you experiment, we recommend sticking to one type of product at a time to understand whether it is working well for you. 

We also suggest taking time with each experiment to reflect on your results. Depending on the product type and your situation, noticeable effects may take hours, days or weeks to occur. If results aren’t immediately apparent, resist the urge to change course or increase serving size dramatically. Instead, be patient and intentional about adding new products or extra servings. Be consistent and take CBD at the same time every day. Try keeping a journal so you can record how much, how often and when. 

If you’re thinking of using CBD and you also take medication, be sure to talk with your healthcare professional about appropriate serving sizes. CBD may interact with certain prescription drugs and your provider may have guidance. 


None of these factors matter if you’re not using high-quality CBD products. Unfortunately, some products do not contain the amount of CBD that is advertised. One frustrating trend in the CBD industry is that not all products contain what they say regarding CBD concentration, which is a reflection of potency. Some products that claim to have CBD or another cannabinoid don’t actually have any cannabinoids. Others have levels that are extremely low on a per serving basis, i.e. to get an amount that’s effective.  

To assure you are getting what you are paying for when you purchase cannabinoid products, it’s important to buy from companies that use an independent laboratory to analyze their products. This often is referred to as “third-party testing” and it’s the best way to help ensure purity, potency and transparency for the consumer.

All of our products undergo third-party lab testing to ensure a quality product. Results can be viewed by clicking on “Test Results” under the LEARN tab on our homepage. 

For any questions on our CBD Products and how they work, please give us a call or leave a comment below!