CBD Internet Searches Have Surpassed Beyonce In Popularity

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CBD Internet Searches Have Surpassed Beyonce In Popularity

How popular are CBD products these days? When it comes to internet searches, they’re even bigger than Beyonce.

The findings come from CannabisMD’s Knowledge Navigator, a backend tool that surveys consumer trends. The Knowledge Navigator looked at data from over 12,000 URLs, numerous common web searches and even social media trends.

In January 2017, internet searches for Beyonce were 15 times more popular than searches for CBD. However, by April 2018, CBD overtook Beyonce in internet search popularity. Internet users now look for CBD more than three times as frequently as they do for the pop star. The frequency of these searches also surpass those for Kim Kardashian, kale and veganism. Click here for the findings.

These Knowledge Navigator results also match current Google search trends. As far back as 2016, CBD was as the most widely searched cannabinoid on Google. National internet searches of CBD are more common than ever with the passage of the 2018 Farm Bill.

Sales Climb As Views Shift

The growing popularity of CBD on the internet also reflects an increase in CBD product sales. A recent Brightfield Group analysis reports that CBD sales will see a 700% increase this year compared to 2018. They also predict that the CBD market will reach $23.7 billion by 2023.

Interest in CBD continues to rise as more Americans become familiar with it and shift their views on it. A May 2019 Gallup poll shows nearly two-thirds of Americans are now aware of CBD oil. It also highlights that 39 percent of Americans believe CBD should be available over the counter.