Does CBD Affect Memory?

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Does CBD Affect Memory?
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For better or worse, our brain stores numerous memories over the years; from everyday work details to cherished moments we recall with loved ones. Our understanding of the brain is just as elusive as our minds. Neuroscientists' conclusions regarding how the brain functions, as well as how it processes and stores memories, are limited.

A considerable amount of research has led to hemp-derived CBD becoming one of the main ingredients for Epidiolex—the only FDA-approved prescribed drug used to treat a rare form of seizures in children. As the world welcomes CBD into its life more and more, society has begun to accept exploring CBD for other ailments, like brain-related illnesses such as Alzheimer's. We cannot conclusively promise that CBD will help or cure any specific illness or disease, but we’re able to turn to science-backed studies from researchers demonstrating its therapeutic potential.  

How Do Memories Work?

What we do know about memories is that they’re nanoseconds of life that get stored in different ways throughout various parts of the brain. Memories reactivate a moment that’s been encoded within the brain's nerve cells. The brain has around one billion neurons and can be divided into three different parts: the midbrain, hindbrain, and forebrain. The hippocampus—which is located in our forebrain—is thought to be responsible for our emotions, memories, and nervous system. Along with processing auditory information, the hippocampus encodes and retrieves memory by altering neural wiring.

Does CBD Affect Memory? 

Unlike THC, CBD does not come with the stereotypical forgetfulness or short-term memory loss associated with the intoxicating high of marijuana. According to 2020 research by the Journal of Cannabis Research, "CBD has opposite effects to THC on a variety of cognitive functions, such as acute THC-induced memory impairments."¹ While we can assume, based on observation, that THC-potent marijuana may impact recollection—evidence has yet to emerge that suggests CBD derived from hemp negatively affects memory.

CBD & Memory

CBD is considered neuroprotective, meaning that it can help protect the neurons responsible for maintaining cognitive function from damage or degeneration. Cannabinoids like CBD potentially play an essential role in memory function, and may support those with impaired memory and/or cognition.

CBD & Alzheimer’s Disease 

One of the most tragic memory-related diseases is Alzheimer's, an aggressive form of dementia that occurs when the brain shrinks and brain cells die—leading to the deterioration of memories, thinking, and behavior. During a 2022 study, researchers reported the remarkable impact that a low serving size of cannabinoids had on a man with Alzheimer's disease, citing improvement in the patient's cognitive and noncognitive symptoms.²

CBD is being analyzed by researchers for various therapeutic benefits and potential treatments for illness, and early findings from a 2021 study offer some optimistic evidence.³ Since the ECS is highly expressed in the hippocampus, researchers indicate that their models show "promising effects of cannabinoids in reducing amyloid plaque deposition and in stimulating hippocampal neurogenesis." In other words, CBD offers some potential benefits that may challenge dementia advancing in the brain. These studies further validate the need for more robust research on how CBD might play a role in battling both dementia and Alzheimer’s Disease.

CBD For Everyday Use

While there is so much left to be discovered about our brains, the early and anecdotal evidence of CBD’s therapeutic potential is exciting to say the least.

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