Does Hemp Activewear Work?

CBD Trends
Does Hemp Activewear Work?

From ice cream to sushi, CBD is quickly finding its way into a diverse range of products. The latest trend is hemp activewear, with several companies launching workout gear infused with CBD. But does hemp activewear work?

One of these new companies explains that their line has CBD droplets embedded into the fabric. Friction and movement while exercising then releases the CBD onto the skin. They claim that both the oil and the benefits from it will last through 40 wash cycles.

However, the lack of regulation behind hemp activewear products is cause for concern.

“When we do things where we release [liquids] into your bloodstream, we know exactly how much someone is going to absorb over a given time point,” said board-certified emergency department physician Dr. Darria Gillespie to Allure. “With activewear, there’s absolutely no way to regulate how much someone will get.”

The Future Of Hemp Clothing

Although CBD-infused activewear may pose challenges, hemp fabrication is taking shape in the fashion industry. Many designers are turning to hemp as more consumers desire sustainable products.

“Hemp is a more sustainable, organic and regenerative agricultural crop,” said Morris Beegle, co-founder and president of WAFBA (We Are For Better Alternatives), to Forbes. “Most everything that you make with cotton can be made with hemp, with way less impact on the Earth.”

A recent survey from Boston Consulting Group, which polled 5,000 participants, finds that 75% rated sustainability as a factor in their purchases. About 38 percent of these consumers switched brands due to a more positive social or environmental stance. These trends show that sound environmental practices are becoming mandatory for businesses to thrive.

“The question is no longer whether it’s necessary to improve sustainable business practices,” BCG’s report concludes. “[It’s] how long it will take before consumers stop buying from brands that do not act.”

Lazarus Naturals And Sustainability

All Lazarus Naturals products are free from solvents and chemicals. We also third-party test our products for pesticides and heavy metals.

In addition, we grow our hemp on our own farm in Central Oregon. The crop is watered and fed with a subsurface drip irrigation system that draws from an irrigation ditch and delivers just the right amount of water.

All of our products are also made in-house. This helps us maintain tight control over each batch in order to ensure a safe and quality product.