Lazarus Naturals x Sista Afya: Mental Health Matters

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Lazarus Naturals x Sista Afya: Mental Health Matters
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Mental Wellness

Founded on the belief that CBD touches thousands of lives for the better on a daily basis, Lazarus Naturals is all-too-familiar with the wellness and mindfulness-boosting effects the natural remedy has to offer. Our customers, along with thousands of others, rely on CBD daily to help manage anxiety, stress, and depression— all of which are an essential part of self-care and mental health awareness. We strive every day to make CBD more accessible to the people who could benefit from it the most with the power of CBD in mind.

As a Certified B Corporation, we’re always looking for ways to give back and use our business for good. With a mission to provide safe and effective CBD for all and to offer accessible products that support a daily health and wellness regimen, we’re making an effort to give back to our community in the ways they need it most. Namely, mental wellness and community.

During the month of February, we’re shining a spotlight on mental awareness and personal wellness. With so much support for the daily use of CBD to encourage a healthier, more natural lifestyle and reduce symptoms of stress, depression, and anxiety, we’re making a $10,000 donation to Sista Afya Community Care, NFP.¹ The nonprofit has been providing accessible and effective mental health assistance to Black women in Chicago and abroad since 2020.

Sista Afya Community Care was founded by a Social Worker, Camesha Jones who was touched by mental health conditions in her personal life and saw the need for accessible mental wellness care in the Black community in Chicago.  

Their vision is for Black women to support each other and engage with effective, accessible mental healthcare to help them lead happier, more fulfilling lives. With a focus on whole-mind and body wellbeing, Sista Afya Community Care provides free individual therapy, mental wellness workshops, groups, and wellness classes on the Southside of Chicago.

Women experience depression, anxiety, and stress twice as often as men. However, Black women are 50% less likely to seek the care they need. There’s a stigma against mental health in these communities, but further, Black women report experiencing a lot of adversity with the medical community when they do seek help.² Sista Afya Community Care was founded to soothe some of these cultural disparities and support Black women looking to find mental wellness and long-term solutions for overall mental health.

We’ve chosen to support Sista Afya Community Care in their mission to provide free mental wellness care that center on the experiences of Black women in Chicago. Our $10,000 donation will help Sista Afya provide individual therapy through their Thrive in Therapy program and groups and classes through their Community Care program to women experiencing multiple barriers to care.

Sista Afya Community Care’s mission aligns with ours— encouraging ourselves and the people around us to practice mindfulness and lead a more natural, fulfilling lifestyle centered around mental wellness, self-care, and community. We’re proud to support everyone’s inherent need to live a happier, healthier life, and we’re excited to contribute to providing resources and community events that improve the quality of life of those ready to take the plunge and feel their best.