Employee Spotlight: Meet Chris

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Employee Spotlight: Meet Chris

Lazarus Naturals is honored to serve veterans through our Assistance Program, but we’re just as proud to have many of the hard-working men and women who served our country as part of our team. Chris spent nearly a decade in the Army, taking on two deployments in Iraq and one in Afghanistan before getting out as an E-6 Staff Sergeant.

He’s now the Equipment Operator Specialist on our farm in Central Oregon and has been a key member of our team from the start. The leadership and teamwork skills that Chris acquired in the Army are invaluable to us as we continue to expand our operations.

How did you first hear about Lazarus Naturals?

I was looking for a quick job because my wife and I had moved into the area. My role was meant to be seasonal, but that was last July and I’m still here! They kept extending it and it became permanent come winter time. 

Did you use CBD prior to joining Lazarus Naturals or do you use it now?

I didn’t use CBD before working on the farm, but definitely use it now. It’s been really helpful when I combine it with eating right, stretching and an overall healthy lifestyle.

What are some of your main responsibilities on the farm?

We’re so busy with all the various projects on the farm right now. There’s putting plants in the grounds, seedings, testing the soil, getting the soil prepped with the tractor, running the tractor to put the plants in the ground. I drive the tractors and help run any heavy equipment we might have. There are times when I have a crew underneath me as well.

I was first hired to pull weeds and picked up a weed whacker the next day. They thought I did a good job and gave me my own team to run a weed whacking crew. I’ve just been able to move up from there.

What do you enjoy most about working at Lazarus Naturals?

I really like the cohesion of the team. We all work hard, but everyone always comes together and works as a team. That’s what I had in the Army. It’s important for me to have that now as I make my way back into the civilian world.

I quickly found out that I really like doing farm work. Being able to work outside in nature, with the plants and soil, is a big thing for me. I also appreciate working for a company that cares about people and getting a good product out there. My wife and I actually live on the farm now and we just had a baby, so we love it here.