Employee Spotlight: Meet Myra

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With our shipping department processing more customer orders than ever before, it’s essential for us to have strong team members. In her short time at Lazarus Naturals, Myra has proven time and again that she can successfully meet any challenge she faces.

Myra has been a shipping clerk at Lazarus Naturals since September 2018 and has become an invaluable part of our team. Her interest in her professional development and willingness to step up wherever is needed have led to an increase in responsibilities and ensure that she will continue to be successful here.

What are some of your main responsibilities?

On a basic level, I process and fulfill orders by creating packing slips and shipping labels, pulling products and securely packing them for delivery. As we’ve grown, I’ve taken on some assistant lead responsibilities such as helping out with inventory, brainstorming logistics and improving the overall flow of our department. We also work closely with Customer Service to resolve any issues.

How did you first hear about Lazarus Naturals?

I first heard about Lazarus Naturals from my cousin who uses the products. My initial introduction to CBD was more than a year ago at my previous job as a medical transcriptionist for a colorectal surgeon. He had a lot of cancer patients and when I'd accompany him on his office visits, many of them would talk about how CBD had helped with some of their symptoms, which I found intriguing.

Had you used CBD prior to working here?

I hadn’t used CBD prior to working at Lazarus Naturals, but have since started taking it and found it to be helpful. I’ve recommended it to friends and family who I've felt would benefit from it. It’s interesting to see how everyone's individual chemistry responds to it.

What are some of the things that you enjoy most about working at Lazarus Naturals?

The opportunity for personal growth and development is very important to our current manager and I truly appreciate that. We are continually given opportunities to cross-train and add to our individual skill set. Because it’s a smaller company, our unique strengths are recognized a lot more than they might be a larger business.

Working at a startup company was exciting to me because I was accustomed to working at places where the wheel was already invented and the formula had already been established. Because Lazarus is relatively new and growing so rapidly, we keep reinventing the wheel. There have been so many changes over the seven months I've been here. We’re constantly finding ways to be even more efficient than before.

Working here is like being part of a friend family. Sequoia's (our founder & CEO's) mission is a noble one. We are committed to producing a product that has improved the quality of life of so many, and making it as accessible as possible to those who need it most. Being a part of that is fulfilling on a personal level.