Employee Spotlight: Meet Simon

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Employee Spotlight: Meet Simon

Simon has been with Lazarus Naturals for exactly one year, but he’s already left a positive imprint on numerous parts of the business. Get to know him in our latest Employee Spotlight!

From helping build greenhouses on our farm in Central Oregon to customer service operations in Seattle, he’s now become our wholesale account representative in Portland. Simon plays an integral role in the ongoing development of our wholesale department and is our point person in reviewing wholesale submissions and responding to inquiries. Given how much his can-do attitude has translated to success in every part of the business he’s touched, it’s safe to say his impact on the day-to-day operations at Lazarus Naturals will only continue to grow.

How did you first hear about Lazarus Naturals?

I went to high school with (Lazarus Naturals CEO & Founder) Sequoia in Seattle, so I always knew he was in the CBD industry. I hadn’t done anything with CBD until last year, though. Last February, I ran into Evan Skandalis and Sequoia at an auction I was helping run in Seattle. Evan was going down to Central Oregon to start our farm and I offered to help, so he called me a couple of months later and asked if I would come down for May and June.

I went down and did anything they needed help with, which including planting, seeding to get the field ready and building greenhouses. I came back to Seattle for July and needed a part-time job because I was still planning going back to the farm for harvest, but that wouldn’t be until October. I found a Craigslist ad for a CBD customer position and then discovered it was with Lazarus Naturals. I ended up getting the position for those few months and went back to the farm for October. I then moved to Portland for the customer service job in November since our customer service operations were moving from Seattle to Portland, and now I’m in wholesale.

Had you used CBD prior to working at Lazarus Naturals?

I didn’t use CBD consistently prior to working at Lazarus Naturals. I was aware of what CBD was, especially living in Washington, and had tried CBD Isolate before. But I certainly take it more often since working here and would say it’s helped me, so it’s become a part of my daily routine.

What made working at Lazarus Naturals an appealing prospect for you?

I think the company has grown so much. It’s great to be on these ground floor positions and have a chance to work your way up. My support and effort has always been accepted here. I’ve also gone to high school with many of our current employees and known them for many years, which has made it a great environment to work in.

What about your work here do you enjoy most?

I like that there have been so many opportunities to do new things in such a period of time. I’ve never worked on a hemp farm or in wholesale before, so it’s been encouraging that they trust me with these new responsibilities. I also enjoy being able to work with a product that I like and believe in. It helps me and helps other people, so being able offer a supplement to those who need it most is what it’s all about.