Employee Spotlight: Meet Traci

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Employee Spotlight: Meet Traci

 It’s safe to say that Traci has hit the ground running since arriving at Lazarus Naturals. Learn more about her in our latest Employee Spotlight!

One week after moving to Portland from Los Angeles, she became our new Supply Chain Manager in December 2018. In industries ranging from aerospace to baby furniture, she has developed a proven track record of leveraging systems and people to reduce costs and meet company objectives. For Traci, working at Lazarus Naturals is a chance to utilize the skills she has learned through a decade in the Supply Chain space and apply them to a product she feels passionate about.

How did you find out about Lazarus Naturals?

I presented to large groups of people on weekly basis at my previous job. I began to dread those meetings. The stress leading up to and during the presentation began to take a toll and I searched for a way to be more relaxed about it. I was considered looking into prescription medication for “presentation day”, but really wanted to exhaust all options first. I hadn’t used CBD before but began to look into it as an alternative option.

I did my web research and came across Lazarus Naturals because they had a really strong following on Reddit. I was incredibly inspired by the testimonials and astonished by the discounts to veterans, individuals on long-term disability and low-income households. I bought a tincture and it helped allow me to seem somewhat comfortable standing in front of the screen.

Has CBD become a regular part of your routine now?

It’s definitely something that I use when I’m having trouble sleeping or am dealing with particularly high-stress levels.

What about Lazarus Naturals made working here an appealing prospect?

I’ve previously worked in industries including aerospace, oil and gas, green energy and baby furniture -- variety is the spice of life. When I became a customer, I fell in love with the idea of working at Lazarus Naturals to genuinely help people. I wanted to work at a company where I felt that I was having a positive impact on the world and putting my skills and experience to the best possible use. This was an opportunity to take something that had helped me and run with it. I also liked that Lazarus is in a fast growth phase, so it’s an all-hands-on-deck environment. That’s the type of environment I enjoy and thrive in.

What are some of your day-to-day responsibilities?

For Lazarus Naturals, Supply Chain involves purchasing, logistics and warehousing. On the purchasing side, my team and I make sure we have everything we need to make and ship the finished product, from raw materials all the way through to shipping boxes and tape. Our key focus in logistics involves working with UPS and our other carriers to ensure we get the product to the customer promptly. I also handle inbound shipments of production materials and machinery.

There is also warehousing and the movement of goods. This is probably the most fun I have at work. I appreciate any excuse to get out of my seat and take a walk around the warehouse. I’ve always experienced a cathartic sense of calm when I’m looking out over inventory racks and shipping docks. I nerded-out a little, but I really enjoy what I do. My goal is to ensure all movement of our product is as efficient and safe as possible.

What have you enjoyed most about working at Lazarus Naturals?

There are a few things. The most important is that feel like what I do in my role here genuinely helps people.

I also get to wear a lot of different hats. Even after just four weeks, I’ve touched so many different parts of the business and unlike my previous experience in super-corporate environments, there’s no bureaucracy. If you have a great idea, you are encouraged to run with it and given the resources to do so. This is definitely a new experience for me. I also love the excitement that comes with working at a young company with a start-up culture. It’s like a moving puzzle and there’s always something new to take on when you come in each day, so there’s never a dull moment.

Lastly, I also enjoy working with the people here. Everyone here has a sense of urgency, they embrace change and they genuinely care about what they’re doing. It’s inspiring to work with so many incredibly passionate and talented rockstars.