Our planting season up close

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Our planting season up close

We depend on our organic hemp crop to produce most of the CBD products we make here at Lazarus Naturals. Have a look at how things are growing on the farm. 

Over the last few weeks, we’ve been preparing hemp seedlings for life in the great outdoors of the Central Oregon high desert. After spending some time in the hoop house adjusting to high temps during the day and cool evenings, the plants are transferred outside where we plant about 46,000 organic hemp plants a day.  

Inspecting hemp seedlings before they go outside for the first time.

Seedlings in the hoop house need to be big enough to be moved outside and planted in the fields.


It’s a beautiful day to plant hemp. 

The Cascade Mountains are a backdrop to 3 Springs Farm in the high desert of Central Oregon. 

Putting 4,000—5,000 plants per hour in the ground. 

The 3-Row Transplanter is the most ergonomic way to get our plants in the ground. On our best day this season, we planted 13.5 acres. 

Making sure each plant is well-positioned to thrive on the farm. 

The dark plastic suppresses weeds, helps with water absorption and insulates the hemp against the cold desert nights That’s how we keep our CBD pesticide-free. Our team works together to make sure that each plant is put in the ground properly and set up for success.

Now it’s time to focus on keeping our crops free of weeds and giving them enough water and nutrients to grow big and strong so we can harvest in the fall. 

Our farmland is undergoing a USDA Organic audit this summer. We plan to make all of our products USDA Organic by early 2021. Organic farming informs every step of our process to produce non-GMO, pesticide-free crops.

Stay tuned for a fresh look at the farm. In the meantime, we will be focusing on cleaning up our equipment next week and preparing for hot temperatures. See you soon.