Harvest Kickoff At Lazarus Naturals Farms

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Harvest Kickoff At Lazarus Naturals Farms

Harvest Season Begins

October marks one of the most important and busiest times of the year for Lazarus Naturals and the hemp industry in general. This month we begin to harvest the hemp we have grown, nurtured and loved all summer long at our farms out in Central Oregon!

To celebrate this time of year, we’ll be posting ongoing blog updates each week, now through the end of harvest. We'll include photos, stories and maybe even some video of our farm folks. This will be a great chance to see how they work diligently to get the hemp ready to be made into all the CBD. 

A Glimpse At Life At The Farm

We are very excited about harvest season as we work hard to grow the best hemp to make the best CBD we can. This year, we want to give you a glimpse of life out at Lazarus Naturals Farms as harvest happens in real time.

We hope you enjoy the updates as much as we do. Make sure to stop back by the blog each week. 

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Facts and Stats

To kick things off, here’s some facts and stats of Lazarus Farms:

    • Lazarus Farms has grown from 70 acres in 2018 on our HQ property to over 400 acres grown in 2019, across 3 properties and 1 contract partner farm.
    • Lazarus Naturals employs 25 farm employees each year. Of those employees, there were 7500 human hours at a minimum invested in 2019 harvest. Our team brings all of their skills to the table to actively solve the challenges presented to us to raise our fields with care.
    • The farm has invested heavily in equipment to improve our harvesting capacity. Farming has many variables and it's important to harvest when the sun shines which can be infrequent in the fall.
    • The farm never really stops and we are continually striving to find ways to improve our process. Exciting information to come on that front! We sprouted seeds in early May and harvest should be complete by the middle of November.