How to Cook with CBD

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How to Cook with CBD

Quick Tips on How to Cook With CBD

  • Pure CBD has a somewhat bitter taste (this is more noticeable with isolate based CBD products).
  • Full spectrum CBD products have an earthy hemp taste, so plan flavors according.
  • CBD begins to degrade at 392°F (200°C).
  • CBD is fat soluble so it does not dissolve naturally in water (that is why CBD often comes dissolved in oil, often known as a CBD tincture).

What is the Best CBD Product for Cooking?

In general, we recommend our CBD Coconut Oil for most CBD recipes. Our CBD Coconut Oil works just like regular coconut oil, which is already widely used in cooking. It has a mild taste and can be used as a substitute for several other fats, making it easy to incorporate into recipes. There are times when a recipe may call for CBD isolate, which is pure CBD that comes in a powdered form. Occasionally you may want to use a thinner CBD oil such as one of our CBD tinctures. When using CBD isolate or CBD tinctures in cooking, you will likely want to pick a flavorless option to preserve the taste of what you are preparing. 

Baking with CBD

Although CBD does begin to break down at 392°F (200°C), that doesn't mean you can't set your oven above 392°F (200°C) when baking CBD. That's because it is not about the temperature of your oven, but the internal what you are baking.  Most baked goods have a moist base and as they heat up in the oven, the moisture boils away and helps regulate the internal temperature of what you are baking. Until all the water is boiled away, the temperature of what you're baking shouldn't exceed 212°F (100°C) and at that point, most baked goods would be ruined anyway. If you really want to be exact you could use a food thermometer to be sure. If you don't consider yourself much of a baker, our CBD hard candy product is an easy and delicious way to eat your CBD.

CBD Coffee and Smoothies

As stated previously, CBD is not naturally water soluble and that is why it is often sold dissolved within oil. Unfortunately, this means CBD does not naturally mix with many other water-based liquids like juice or soda. However, CBD can be worked into thicker drinks like smoothies or milkshakes. Arguably the most popular CBD drink of them all is CBD Coffee. Although coffee is typically water-based, there is a way to get it to mix properly with CBD oil. You must first add additional fats such as butter, cream, or ghee as you would with a traditional Bulletproof coffee, then add CBD coconut oil, and put it in a blender until properly mixed. 

CBD Sauces and Dressings

CBD works well with sauces and dressings because many of them are already oil-based. This a very easy way to incorporate CBD into your diet as you can incorporate the same sauce into multiple meals. This may be one situation where a CBD Tincture is preferred, as it is thinner than our CBD Coconut Oil.

Frying with CBD

If you're trying to get the most out of your CBD, this cooking method would not be at the top of our list. That's because you're likely to lose significant CBD content in the frying process due to the heat as well as the residual oil left in the pan. Nonetheless, this is an interesting way to take advantage of CBD oils.

CBD Recipes

If you really want to learn how to cook with CBD, try one of the unique CBD recipes made by our team of chefs. We will do our best to keep this list updated as new recipes come out. Otherwise, you can follow us on Facebook or Instagram.


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