Independence For All With Basic Rights Oregon

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Independence For All With Basic Rights Oregon
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At the core of everything we stand for, we believe CBD should be effective and accessible to everyone—regardless of race, health, orientation, or creed. Our main mission is to craft CBD that’s Made to Work. Made for All. We are always striving to drive home what that means, and were delighted to meet with an incredible non-profit with whom our beliefs are wholeheartedly aligned—Basic Rights Oregon. They too exist to provide others with resources, community, and support they need to achieve a happier, healthier life.

In the light of the recent Dobbs ruling overturning Roe v. Wade, we recognize how much more work we have to do in the fight for reproductive, gender identity, and marriage rights currently being threatened by the Supreme Court. We worked with Basic Rights Oregon to put together the above resource card for those in need of resources or those looking for ways to support. Join us in printing it out and posting it in your local coffee shop, or your home or office. 

Photo Credit: Eric Shuman

Basic Rights Oregon has been fighting against injustice like this for over two decades. Having just celebrated its 25th anniversary last year, they have spent the entirety of their existence creating inclusive programs—while also lobbying to help pass legislation protecting trans youth and other members of the LGBTQ2SIA+ space. They have been instrumental in helping pass legislation every two years that’s made life easier for members of the LGBTQ2SIA+ community—who have historically felt the impact of irrational fear, prejudice, and violence.

In 2021, they worked to ban trans “panic” defenses—legal defenses based on irrational fears and prejudice toward LGBTQ2SIA+ people that implied violence against LGBTQ2SIA+ people was acceptable. A year earlier they put statewide curriculum and resources into schools to help bring awareness to the elevated risks of LGBTQ2SIA+ and non-binary youth dying by suicide. The resources put in place were also accessible to queer and trans youth who could use them to live safer, happier lives through the community.

In 2018, they helped pass the Transgender Equality Bill—making it easier for any transgender Oregonians to update their name and gender on their Oregon birth certificates, forgoing all the bureaucratic steps involved when their gender and identities change. And in 2016, they helped pass the Marriage Equality Bill to change the verbiage on marriage certificates to allow same-sex marriages. Basic Rights Oregon has worked for years toward building a strong and progressive movement for LGBTQ2SIA+ equality—developing programs like trans-inclusionary training at schools and workplaces, leadership seminars, and events.

Basic Rights Oregon is an active participant in Pride events each June —and annually celebrates its mission with the Ignite benefit each October. The fundraising event highlights the victories they have won, the battles they continue to fight, and all of the advocates who supported them along the way. We’ll be at the event this fall with CBD-infused mocktails and silent auction prizes to show our continued support for Basic Rights Oregon and its mission.

What’s really exciting about Basic Rights Oregon is they partner with local organizations within the community, providing a host of resources that advocate for electing pro-equality officials in hopes of ending homophobia, transphobia, and racism—and to bring dignity to LGBTQ2SIA+ Oregonians. They’ve worked towards building coalitions and partnerships that support a lasting movement towards LGBTQ2SIA+ justice with implementation, public education, and leadership development.

They also work within the national framework of the Equality Federation, which allows similar non-profits to work with related organizations in other states to lobby for critical non-partisan issues, such as family recognition, workplace inclusion, and policy reform.

Just Like Basic Rights Oregon, at Lazarus Naturals, we believe in equality for all—and with our pledge of $10,000, hope to support Basic Rights Oregon in its mission to push for policy reform, as well as programs and resources to support the independence and freedoms of LGBTQ2SIA+ individuals both here in our home state and across the country. 

Basic Rights Oregon is a prime example of what it means to advocate for true freedom in America. We support their mission and believe in doing what we can to provide access to the resources needed for all to live their best lives.