Lazarus Naturals Gives Back To JOIN

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Lazarus Naturals Gives Back To JOIN

All of us at Lazarus Naturals would like to thank everyone who purchased products during our charity drive last weekend. With our commitment to donating 10% of all sales over the weekend, your participation helped us raise $14,103 to support the work of JOIN.

"JOIN is grateful to Lazarus Naturals and their customer base as supporters in our efforts to end homelessness," said Sophie Jaggi, Development Director at JOIN. "This generous support makes it possible for JOIN to transition our neighbors out of homelessness and into permanent housing. Funds raised will help cover move-in costs and ongoing retention support so each household can achieve stability in the long term. Retention support is unique depending on the needs of each household but typically includes: transportation assistance, connections to mental health providers, employment leads, shallow rent and utility subsidies, childcare support, foodbox delivery and community building activities to combat social isolation.

"JOIN works to create a community where each person has a place to call home, to feel a sense of belonging and to live in peace and dignity. Thank you to Lazarus Naturals for supporting JOIN and the community we're building together!"

Founded in 1992, JOIN is a Portland-based organization that helps homeless individuals and families transition into permanent housing. They also offer programs such as employment assistance, health referrals, delivering food boxes and providing critical services to 80-100 individuals each day in their Day Space.

The holidays can be a stressful time of year for everyone, but finding a safe place to sleep shouldn’t be among those worries. We stand with JOIN in their commitment to help people thrive not just during the winter, but all year long by providing the essential resources they need for success.

We’re also aligned in our mission to benefit communities by providing high-quality services to those who need it most. It’s the reason we launched our Assistance Program for low-income households, veterans, and individuals on long-term disability, as well as increased the lifetime discount last year from 40% to 60%.

If you missed our charity drive, we still encourage you to consider donating or volunteering with JOIN. Visit their website to learn how you can get involved.