Joseph Grassadonia Shreds Through His Senior Years

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Joseph Grassadonia Shreds Through His Senior Years

Joseph Grassadonia has spent nearly his entire life surfing. The 66-year-old publisher and editor of OnFitness Magazine hopes to have another 10 to 15 years of riding the waves and is turning to CBD oil as he looks to prolong his time in the water.

Growing up in the Italian beach town of Lerici, Joseph was introduced to surfing at age 10 and was immediately hooked. His family eventually moved to Santa Cruz, Calif., and his class and work schedules revolved around the sport while attending the University of Santa Cruz. It was a lifestyle he was determined to carry into his professional pursuits.

Joseph started an art magazine with a few friends during his senior year at UCSC. Since opening up an office for the magazine on the day he graduated, he’s started 12 publications and a weekly newspaper. But while his businesses have continued to expand over the years, he’s always made sure to carve out time for his favorite hobby.

“I knew that I was not destined to be a 9-to-5 guy because when the sun was up, I wanted to go surfing,” he said. “I’d bring my surfboards into my office or leave them in my car, get to work early and take two hours to go surfing at lunchtime. Of course, I could get away with that since I owned the company!”

Joseph has spent more than five decades surfing every type of wave imaginable. However, he admits the impact of the sport has started to catch up with him. His career as a surfer has come with its fair share of bumps and bruises.
“When you’re young and doing aggressive stuff, you think you’re getting away with it. But you’re not,” he said. “These injuries come charging out at you in your 50s.”

Joseph credits gym workouts, weightlifting and a healthy diet with an overall reduction in his pain. His current surfing regimen now focuses on quality over quantity, scaling back on daily sessions and instead opting to ride the waves two or three times per week near his home on the North Shore of Oahu.

But once he was turned on to CBD oil by master shaper Jeff Bushman, he believes that he found a crucial piece to continuing to be able live an active life.
“What I like about CBD oil is that I can get the benefits of marijuana without the high," he said. "At my age, I want to have as much clarity as possible.”

Joseph has also found that CBD oil use has extended not just to his surfing community on Oahu, but to a wide range of older athletes. He expects the word of mouth trend to continue as more people discover the benefits of CBD oil, which include an overall increase in comfort and activity.

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