Lazarus Naturals December Press Highlights

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Lazarus Naturals December Press Highlights

As 2018 wound down, our press coverage ramped up as the products and people at Lazarus Naturals were sought after by a wide range of publications. From having our products celebrated for their affordability and high quality, to our employees weighing in on topics ranging from hemp farming to the CBD beauty industry, check out all of the Lazarus Naturals press highlights for December.

2018 Farm Bill

With the 2018 Farm Bill and legalization of hemp generating plenty of headlines to close out the year, Dylan Summers, our Director of Government Affairs and Compliance, talked extensively with media outlets on how this will be a game changer in the CBD industry.

Shortly after the House of Representatives passed the 2018 Farm Bill, he told CBD Hacker that “if we reflect and build upon the models and traditions we have in the Pacific Northwest, I believe we can help incubate the growth of a supportive and effective community for our loyal customer base and our veterans.” He spoke with the Cannabis Business Times, Green Entrepreneur and The News-Times as the bill went to President Trump’s desk, calling the bill’s passage “great news for us as a company and an industry. The future is bright as hemp solidifies itself as a legitimate agricultural product at long last -- liberated from the restrictions of the Controlled Substances Act.”

Lastly, Dylan spoke with the Cannabis Daily Record about what the Farm Bill passage would mean for the future of Lazarus Naturals and the CBD industry. He told them that “although competition will become more sophisticated and challenges will arise as the FDA navigates just how to regulate hemp products and hemp-derived cannabinoids, our endeavor will remain to pave the way for testing and quality standards throughout the industry.”

Employee Spotlights

Many of the Lazarus Naturals press highlights for December include our key team members being quoted in prominent publications. Justin Amesbury, our Director of Research and Development, was quoted extensively by Choupette’s Diary in their feature on the CBD beauty industry. He noted that “CBD has been shown to have powerful anti-inflammatory properties which would make for an excellent use case in the beauty industry for topical applications.”

Dylan was once again featured in Green Market Report among a panel of experts giving their thoughts on what 2019 holds for the CBD industry. He said that “If the recent explosion in popularity of hemp-derived CBD is any indication, the zeitgeist of cannabis seems to be trending beyond mere tolerance to overall acceptance.”

Dylan and Evan Skandalis, our Vice President of Farm Operations, teamed up for a feature interview in Successful Farming Magazine on the future of hemp farming. Both of them predicted a future boom in this field with the passage of the 2018 Farm Bill, with Dylan declaring that “there will no doubt be an abundance of opportunity for more and more businesses to enter the marketplace...Most importantly, hemp will be a great new crop for the American farmer.”

When asked for his advice to farmers looking to break into the hemp market, Evan encouraged looking into “additional grants, loans, and credit [that] will open up to the hemp farming industry that were previously not available because of federal scheduling.”

Gift Guides

Considerable included all three of our balms among their “Best CBD Gifts of 2018” roundup, calling them “the best CBD gift to rub on” and a perfect item to give to the athlete in your life. Our Cedar Citrus Balm was also highlighted by Departures in their list of 16 great CBD products, calling out the “notes of Valencia Orange oil” that add “a summery warmth to this holiday-inspired balm.”

Know Techie recommended our whole line of products in their guide to the best CBD gifts of the year and referred to Lazarus Naturals as “one of the emerging companies in the CBD scene.”

Product Reviews

Real Health Magazine is among the growing list of publications that are falling in love with our balms. They included them in their “Stuff We Love” roundup for the winter season and noted they can be used “to promote restful sleep, support cartilage and joint function, relieve occasional nausea and enhance relaxation, among other wellness pursuits.”

Rave Reviews awarded our CBD Pet Tincture the title of “Best Value” in their roundup of the “Best CBD Oil For Dogs (and Other Pets),” referring to the product as “extremely affordable - without cutting corners on quality.”