Lazarus Naturals Farm Update

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Lazarus Naturals Farm Update

The 2021 farming season is in full force—with the seeds from just a few weeks ago ready to be introduced to the high desert soil for the first time!

To say that the farm team is swamped right now would be an understatement. This part of hemp cultivation is crucial on the journey to growing lush, healthy crops—as our tiny seedlings are transported into the ground to become a strong and bountiful harvest in coming months. The farm workers must be meticulous and precise, as each transported seedling has to be old enough to be able to acclimate to the change in temperature and climate.

In the meantime, Greenhouse #2 is in a rotation cycle with our germinating seedlings until they're about two weeks old. Then they can be transferred outdoors to toughen up before being moved into the fields.

Our direct seed sower preparing to lay down seed specifically for hemp fiber.

The transplant team riding on the back of our transplanting implement, with the first plants of the season in the ground.

We're growing our crop on both bare mulch beds and plastic-covered mulch beds. Here is the transplant team planting in the bare beds with the Cascade Range in the distance.

Hemp grows quickly. In a few months, these new seedlings will be huge. Stay tuned for more updates from the 45th parallel!