Lazarus Naturals Featured In Forbes '25 Best CBD Oil Brands' List

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Lazarus Naturals Featured In Forbes '25 Best CBD Oil Brands' List

The world’s most prominent publications are taking notice of our high-quality CBD products. Forbes includes Lazarus Naturals in its latest list of the “25 Best CBD Oil Brands.”

Writer Joresa Blount declares our line of CBD tinctures as being “hands-down the tastiest flavors around.” She specifically calls out our French Vanilla Mocha, Chocolate Mint, Blood Orange, Tropical Breeze and Wintermint flavors. Joresa also notes our High Potency Full Spectrum tincture for being available in 6,000 milligram bottles.

The article also highlights our rapidly expanding Assistance Program. The program gives lifetime 60% discounts to veterans, low-income households and individuals on long-term disability. Jolena writes that our Assistance Program “should show you where their priorities are focused.” She also adds that “Lazarus Naturals is more concerned with accessibility than trying to maximize their profits.”

Forbes Highlights

The people and products of Lazarus Naturals can be seen in other Forbes feature articles, including a recent story about the CBD market. Lazarus Naturals is also in a “Best Of” list roundup to celebrate National CBD Day. In addition, they cite our two pet tinctures in a roundup of the best CBD products for dogs.

Lazarus Naturals Press Highlights

Lazarus Naturals continues to receive positive product reviews and regular press coverage about our business ventures. Read more about our latest press coverage clips from August and September.