Lazarus Naturals Helps Build New American Pathways

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Lazarus Naturals Helps Build New American Pathways

In the 17th century seekers of religious freedom established a home in the new British colonies along the eastern coast of what would soon become the United States. Just 245 years ago those refugees fought a war to help establish the United States of America. Since 1776, millions more refugees have been forced to flee their countries—sometimes for the same reasons. Some have been lucky enough to settle in the United States. 

As both a Certified B Corporation, and the “Made to Work. Made for All.” CBD brand, we want to extend a hand to help support legal refugees starting a new life in America. That’s why—in honor of Independence Day and the first refugees who helped make the freedom we celebrate possible—Lazarus Naturals has partnered with New American Pathways to support displaced world citizens and soon-to-be new Americans.

Atlanta-based New American Pathways provides more than 2,500 refugees per year with the necessary tools to rebuild their lives and achieve long-term success. Their specially designed programs offer proven pathways for refugees, as well as other immigrants, to realize their full potential and dreams—while becoming productive and contributing members of their Georgia communities. The organization ensures that new Americans are able to contribute their special skills and talents to both strengthen the American workforce and help Georgia thrive.

In the coming months, New American Pathways will be rebuilding capacity to prepare for the increased refugee arrivals, while also navigating the pandemic and overwhelming need within the communities they serve. As they restore the Refugee Resettlement Program to the levels it was prior to 2017, they will be tasked with greatly increasing their ability to not only serve incoming families but to provide much-needed support to the refugees and immigrants who are already here.

Our donation will support programs that aid new Americans on their path from arrival through citizenship, provide relief to those affected by COVID-19, and ensure a welcoming community for all new Americans.

“New American Pathways is honored to be partnering with Lazarus Naturals, an organization whose values are closely aligned with ours. What a fitting tribute, over the Fourth of July weekend, as the United States reopens its doors to welcome new refugees, and resumes it’s role as a beacon of liberty and refuge to the world.  We are proud to stand alongside Lazarus Naturals as part of a growing movement to ensure a welcoming community for all new Americans.”

— Nancy Gaddy, Chief Advancement Officer at New American Pathways

Beginning July 3rd, and ending on July 5th, we are donating 10 percent of online sales to New American Pathways.

UPDATE: As of 7/5, with your help, we've raised $11,619 to support New American Pathways that help legal refugees in their journey to starting a new life in America! We want to thank everyone who took part in the fundraiser, we are grateful to have such a positive and supportive community!