Lazarus Naturals Products are Certified Kosher

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Lazarus Naturals Products are Certified Kosher

We are proud to announce that our products are now Certified Kosher! We partnered with Orthodox Union, the largest worldwide kosher certification agency, to ensure our products and processes meet its high standards. You will soon see the OU Kosher symbol on our products, with the exception of our pet and Cycling Frog products.

This is an important step in our mission to make CBD accessible to everyone. And the OU’s careful and thorough review of our ingredients and operations provides validation from a trusted source that our products meet this high standard of quality.

To be certified Kosher to orthodox standards, every ingredient of a product and the way in which it is processed must be kosher compliant. A qualified Rabbinic Field Representative visited our production facility to observe our operations and verify that we meet these standards. Our ongoing relationship with Orthodox Union will ensure that new products are also certified and accessible to everyone.