New Lotions inspired by the Northwest with 50mg of CBD per tsp

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New Lotions inspired by the Northwest with 50mg of CBD per tsp

CBD lotions are a really nice way to unwind and give your body’s largest organ, your skin, a heaping helping of nourishing love. Non-greasy and lightweight, our new line of CBD lotions are infused with a generous serving of 50 mg of CBD per teaspoon for maximum effect. In addition to experiencing the restorative and relaxing benefits of CBD, your skin will feel soft and smooth. 

Scents derived from nature

Inspired by our Northwest roots and the popularity of Unscented and Portland Rose balms, we also channeled the refreshing scent of an old-growth forest into Pacific Pine scented CBD lotion. We like to think of it as forest bathing on the go. “We use naturally derived scents and essential oils that smell like real pine trees and the fresh aroma of Portland roses. We go through hundreds of iterations to find the perfect consistency and scent,” says Justin Amesbury, Director of Research and Development at Lazarus Naturals.

Calming, all-natural ingredients in a topical CBD

“We’ve added soothing all-natural ingredients like organic sweet almond oil, with Vitamin E, to aid as an all-natural moisturizer and organic jojoba seed oil to help the CBD absorb quickly and move past the skin barrier,” says Amesbury. Our formulas are designed to feel light, luxurious, and non-greasy. So it’s easy to moisturize, get dressed and get on with your day. Available in three convenient sizes, you can carry Lazarus Naturals CBD lotions with you to the gym, the office, or throw an extra in your backpack when you’re on the go. 

We’re delighted to add CBD lotions to our growing collection of topical products that already include balms and massage oils. Check out our full line of three new CBD lotions in three convenient sizes that go where you go.