Lazarus Naturals September Press Highlights

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Lazarus Naturals September Press Highlights

Fall has arrived in Oregon, but our press coverage continues to heat up. From great reviews to news on major deals, check out the best Lazarus Naturals press highlights from September!

CBD Oil Users Have Spoken

CBD Oil Users, a helpful hub of information on hemp and CBD products, praises us in their latest review of our brand. The review includes a 10% coupon code for your next purchase.

The outlet also highlights us in their roundup of “Best CBD Oil Brands” for this year. Managing Editor Brian Peterson writes that “when it comes to bang for the buck, Lazarus Naturals is the industry leader.” Our  collection of CBD tinctures also received a “Best Value” accolade in a separate list of top products.

New Seasons

The Shelby Report gives the details on our exciting partnership with New Seasons Market. Our tinctures, topical balms, coconut oil, massage oil and pet products are now available for purchase there. New Seasons Market has 28 stores throughout Oregon, Washington and Northern California.

“Expanding availability through retail like New Seasons Market is a major step forward for our mission, and for normalizing CBD wellness solutions as a new category,” says Bill Germano, our VP of Sales.

Employee Spotlights

Justin Amesbury, our Director of Research and Development, speaks with the Anchorage Press on the dangers of vaping. He explains that “When a large, lipid-based molecule is inhaled, the particles stick to and begin accumulating in the lungs. The accumulation of these particles results in an inflammatory reaction in the lungs” Justin also outlines the dangers of this lung inflammation known as lipoid pneumonia. Symptoms can include “chronic cough and difficulty breathing to severe chest pain and expulsion of blood from the lungs.”