Lazarus Naturals Winter Highlights

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Lazarus Naturals Winter Highlights

From employee spotlights to glowing CBD reviews, the products, mission and people at Lazarus Naturals have been lauded in prominent publications both in and out of the CBD industry. Read our winter highlights of the press coverage we’ve been getting  about our community outreach, customer service and commitment to delivering quality CBD products to those who need them most.

Best Of Lists

In the CBD Hacker “Top 15 Balms, Creams and Salves” roundup, our Cedar Citrus Balm took the top spot on the list. With a 100% lab result rating, 97% product rating and 96% experience rating, they called the balm “a pleasure to use” with its “bright citrus scent and a texture like creamed butter and sugar.” Writer Meg Kramer also highlighted our commitment to quality customer service.

The Ministry of Hemp also named our CBD Capsules in their list of “Best CBD Capsules and Softgels of 2018,” noting that the capsules “are carefully formulated with added organic terpenes for maximum effect” and also mentioning our “fast customer service.”

Holiday Gift Guides

Equities featured Lazarus Naturals at the top of their list for holiday deals, referring to us as “one of the highest quality and most accessible CBD companies on the market.” The Weed Blog also placed us at the very top of their holiday gift guide list, while Kulture Hub graciously called our holiday gift packs a great buy for anyone “searching for the perfect Christmas present.”

CBD Hacker included our Cedar Citrus Balm in their gift guide list as perfect for world travelers, praising the formula for "[directing] a solid serving of CBD to exactly where it is needed most" and vowing the aroma will "perk up the weariest wanderer." Toke Tank included us in their “All Things CBD Gift Guide” for the holiday season. They called our balms “a strong and consistent product” and noted our commitment to “[help] get CBD oil into the hands of those who need it most.”

Employee Spotlights

Sequoia Price-Lazarus, Founder and CEO, was featured in Ganjly as he talked about his inspiration for starting the company, his thoughts on the future passage of the Farm Bill and advice for entrepreneurs looking to join the hemp industry.

“Every time I talk to one of our customers and they tell me how much of a difference our product has made in their life…That is why we are here,” he said. “To know that we have made a positive impact on people’s lives is all I could wish for."

Dylan Summers, Director of Government Affairs, was one of four industry experts quoted in the Money Morning feature "The $820 Million U.S. Hemp Industry Is Going Mainstream in 2019". He spoke on the current legal status of hemp and hemp products holding the industry back, but expressed optimism that this is only temporary.

"As hemp solidifies its place as a common agricultural commodity and is freed from the tethers of illicitness via the next iteration of the Agricultural Act, that will all change," he said. "With a new codified sense of legality, positive perception of the plant and its products should sustain growth in the hemp industry at least for the foreseeable future."

Community Outreach

Cainan Garcia, VP of Operations and a Navy veteran, was quoted extensively in Equities for their feature on companies dedicated to making CBD more accessible to veterans.

“Unfortunately, it is easy for most to underestimate the sacrifices veterans have made on our behalf and the challenges they face returning to civilian life,” he said. “We here at Lazarus Naturals recognize that veterans offer valuable skills, insights, and leadership qualities for any organization. Providing job opportunities to our valued veterans is a simple and natural commitment.”

Leafly also included Lazarus in their roundup of brands who give back and described us as “a CBD company dedicated to giving.” Leafly and Equities both noted our Assistance Program that includes 40% discounts for veterans.