Lazarus Naturals x Outside In: How We're Giving Back

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Lazarus Naturals x Outside In: How We're Giving Back
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Every year, an estimated 4.2 million youth and young adults experience homelessness. Nearly 40% of the houseless population is under 18 years old and dealing with complex issues around education, addiction, trauma, housing, and mental health. About 41,000 youths (from the age of 13 to 25) have nowhere to go. To make matters worse, the holiday season tends to see a spike in situations involving domestic violence, homelessness, and suicide.

As the “Made to Work. Made for All.” CBD brand, we empathize with all of those without access to the things they need most—and not many needs are more essential than a safe place to rest your head. That’s why we partnered up with non-profit Outside In to help support them in their mission to provide mental health services, medical care, counseling, meals, housing, and a support system for homeless youths and other marginalized groups in the Oregon community.

This month Lazarus Naturals was able to donate $15,000 to Outside In. They not only share our approach of meeting people where they are and being accessible, but they also exist to empower individuals with the resources they need to live their best lives. As a Certified B Corp, we constantly are looking for ways to use business as a force for god—and we love to support organizations that share our core missions, values, and passions. People, purpose, and passion will always outweigh profit.

Outside In has transformed thousands of lives since 1968—helping break the cycles of chronic homelessness, poverty, and poor health among Portland’s LGBTQIA+ community, people of color, those experiencing homelessness, and the underserved. Their health clinic and young adult programs strive to meet people where they are and provide safe, affirming spaces for their community to receive judgment-free care and support. What began as providing basic needs on a tight budget has since blossomed into a robust and all-inclusive service—offering everything from the bare necessities and housing to an education and job training! Outside In even offers medical care to 6,000+ individuals (as well as various youth services to 1,000+ homeless youth) each and every year.

With an unwavering “come as you are” mentality, Outside In has provided safe places for youth to get back on their feet and help them reach their dreams. They give food, medical care, coaching,  and mental health services to help people find self-sufficiency and overcome poverty, mental health struggles, and alienation. The incredible organization extends tools that the young people need so they can break the cycle and find their true path in life.

Our donation will support programs that aid marginalized youth and help to provide them with the means to gain their footing and get ahead in life. (Want to learn more about this amazing cause and all they do? Head here!)