Look what's taking root on our farms

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Look what's taking root on our farms

The dry, high desert climate near the 45° parallel is ideal for growing and harvesting hemp. Much of the organic, Non-GMO, pesticide-free hemp we use to make our hemp-derived products is grown on our Central Oregon organic farms. We’re excited to report that we’re working with Oregon Tilth to produce 120 acres of organic hemp this year, with the rest of the farm becoming Certified Organic in 2022. 

Life on the farm is very busy right now. In early spring of this year, we began prepping our seeds and watching them sprout in the greenhouse. The tiny plants were moved to the hoop house where roots can really take hold and the plants can adjust to the climate. Now, they’re in the ground. Before long, they’ll grow into big, beautiful hemp plants. From seeds to hearty plants, see our process below.  

Hemp Seeds Are Ready To Be Germinated

Nutrient-Rich Organic, Loamy Soil Gives The Seeds Everything They Need To Flourish

Automated Seeding

An automated seeding machine creates an indentation, and a seed is dropped in and covered with more soil.

Hello Sprout!

After 3-5 days in the greenhouse, the seeds sprout and little hemp leaves push up through the soil.

Once germinated, the plants move to the hoop house, a larger greenhouse that allows the warmth of the sun and Central Oregon’s cool, dry air to flow in and out.  

Before long, the hemp plants will be ready for planting outside in the fields. They just need to grow a bit and become used to the change in temperature and climate. 

Planting Time Is Here

In a couple months these small plants will be huge and ready for harvest. Extraction, formulation and plenty of testing for purity, potency, heavy metals and impurities along the way. There’s a lot of activity on the farms right now. We’ll be posting updates all season.