"Made To Work. Made For All." Are More Than Words

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"Made To Work. Made For All." Are More Than Words
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A lot of brands talk the talk—but at Lazarus Naturals we walk the walk. Since 2014 we have been committed to one thing: making high-quality CBD that’s as effective, affordable, and accessible as can be. In fact, the health and well-being of our customers and our planet drive us to never compromise our ethical and sustainable business practices. To maximize our efficiency and our consistency, we do it all ourselves—from our own farms, facilities, and labs to your front door. Our vertical integration means we can keep quality high and prices low.

Back in June 2021 we reintroduced our brand, refreshed our packaging, and shared our mantra and brand promise of "Made to Work. Made for All.” To kick off 2022 we want to remind our loyal customers that those are more than words. They clearly and boldly share our vision and mission, as well as guiding principles as we set out into a new year. Our commitment to crafting CBD of the highest quality at the lowest cost possible is the cornerstone of our brand. We exist to provide you with safe, natural CBD that works as hard as you do. Since that brand refresh last summer, we’ve continued to build on our legacy and success as industry leaders—offering naturally effective, benefit-focused CBD products that have a lasting positive impact on our customers and on our communities.

A Commitment To Quality

From the very beginning, we’ve been devoted to passionately providing high-quality CBD to all who need it—regardless of circumstance. In a largely unregulated industry, transparency is vital. As an essential element to ensure the best CBD experience possible, we put all of our energy into making sure each product lives up to Lazarus Natural standards. We submit our processes through rigorous third-party testing and were recently recognized as having the most accurate product labels in the industry. With certifications ranging from Good Manufacturing Practices (cGMP), USDA Certified Organic, and B Corp to Leaping Bunny and Kosher—we’ve raised the bar when it comes to upholding conscientious practices to use business as a force for good. Nearly all of our products are vegan, gluten-free, and/or non-GMO—as our goal is to do what’s best for both customers and for the planet we all share. This is what we mean when we say “Made for All.” is more than words. We act them out each day making CBD that works (and offers something for everyone—at a price they can afford)!

New To Lazarus Naturals

Six months ago, we unveiled innovative efforts to enhance the overall experience of our customers: reimagined packaging, higher standards of potency, new balm formulations, reformulated capsules, and a revamped website designed to empower and inform with ease. Another way we have demonstrated “Made for All.” in more than words, has been through releasing dynamic and highly anticipated product lines and collections. We’re proud to say we now offer a full range of delectable CBD edibles! Our electric CBD Fruit Tarts come in four mouthwatering fruit flavors: Strawberry Lemon, Raspberry Lime, Orange Pineapple, and Mango). We debuted our first-ever collab—a rich and guilt-free CBD Chocolate made with 70% cacao dark chocolate, naturally formed sea salt, and smooth vanilla—thanks to our PNW neighbors at Ranger Chocolate! Our most recent launch, CBD Gummies, was our most anticipated product line ever. Each of the four fruit flavors is fortified with benefit-focused ingredients—these include blackberry-flavored Energy CBD Gummies, lemon mango Cannabinoid Sleep Gummies, huckleberry Calm Gummies, and our Elderberry CBD Gummies for immune support. In line with our mission going forward to pair potent, functional ingredients tested by time with CBD of the highest quality, CBD Gummies are made to provide the targeted relief you need, when you need it—any time of day.

Pay It Forward By Giving Back

Our brand promise of “Made to Work. Made for All.” extends beyond our business practices. It’s the core of our values around fairness, accessibility, and empowering everyone to live their best lives. As we strive to use the power of our brand to help support charities and foundations (with a mutual mission of connecting those in need with the proper resources), we are excited to share that we were able to donate over $75,000 to charitable organizations since last June. We teamed up with amazing non-profits such as Dogs2DogTagsNew American Pathways, Next Level, and Outside In among others.

Over the past seven years, we’ve worked tirelessly to establish trust with a loyal following (who we’ve grown to consider the “Lazarus Naturals family”). Crafting CBD solutions that are made to work—and priced for us all—is at the heart of our mission and the driving force behind why we do what we do. Our goal has always been to make CBD effective (not expensive)—because quality CBD should be available to all, regardless of financial situation. Our Assistance Program is at the heart of who we are as a company—giving financial relief to those who need it most: veterans, low-income families/individuals, and those on long-term disability. With lifetime discounts of up to 60% OFF as well as an increased spending limit of $400, it’s a pillar in our commitment to delivering CBD that’s “Made to Work. Made for All.” In 2021 alone, with the help of your orders, we saved our Assistance Program members over $18 million.

Our devotion to providing you with effective, affordable, and sustainable CBD truly is in more than words: it’s our foundation and motivation to get up out of bed and come to work every morning. Thanks for letting us come with you on your journey to wellness with CBD—we have your back at every step as you strive toward “better.” Stay tuned as we raise the bar even higher this year to increase our reach and to deliver new, exciting, flavor-packed ways to enjoy the CBD that works as hard as you do.