More Women Than Ever Are Using CBD

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More Women Than Ever Are Using CBD

Although more people are using CBD products nationwide, the number of women incorporating it into their daily routine has soared in recent years.

“[It’s] no surprise that women are heading the CBD movement,” said Gretchen Lidicker, Health Editor of wellness website MindBodyGreen and the author of CBD Oil Everyday Secrets, to The New York Times. “Women have long felt ignored and dehumanized by the medical and health care industries. They experience longer wait times for treatment. Their pain and suffering are more likely to be dismissed as anxiety or hysteria."

But what type of women are using CBD and how are they consuming it? A recent Remedy Review survey of 855 women who use CBD helped shine some light on this topic.

User Demographics

Most (71%) female CBD users were between 20-39 years old, with an equal number in the 20-29 age bracket and the 30-39 age bracket. Only 11.5% of users were over the age of 50.

The women in the survey were also highly educated, with 62.3% earning either an Associate Degree, Bachelor’s Degree or Master’s Degree. About 70% of these CBD users made less than $50,000 per year, with 33.5% earning less than $25,000 per year.

Preferred Use

The majority (44%) of users used CBD occasionally, with an average of 7.4 days per month, while 24% used it frequently on an average of 20.1 days per month. Tinctures were the most popular way to consumer CBD, followed by topicals, edibles and vapes.

Overall Satisfaction

Most CBD users in the survey expressed at least some level of satisfaction with their products. About 26.8% said they were extremely satisfied and 34.8% said they were moderately satisfied. The satisfaction was shown all across age demographics and demonstrated that each group was able to find a type of product that suited their needs.