CBD Balms For Next-Level Relief

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CBD Balms For Next-Level Relief

Our balms were always a hit, but with the addition of new functional ingredients they’re better than ever! We have reformulated all balms to enhance user experience—doubling overall potency while improving texture and consistency, so they’re easier to apply. We know this change might seem drastic—especially when our original offerings were already well-received—but we’re confident once you’ve experienced these new formulations, you’ll be completely satisfied with the upgrades.

We have upgraded our Soothing Mint, Lavender, and Unscented balms for those who need CBD topicals that are effective, affordable, and work as hard as they do. Each has been strategically refined with additional ingredients that help maximize relief of the body and mind.

Relief + Recovery

For the Relief + Recovery balm (our new take on the Soothing Mint Balm), we have kept trusted and true functional ingredients like menthol, capsaicin, and wintergreen essential oil—but added the camphor terpene, which aids with pain relief, inflammation, and promoting better blood flow. As mentioned, this reformulation is twice the potency to make it work harder overall—but it's also smoother, both in terms of texture and ease of application. We’ve found this particularly helpful for those with arthritis, sore joints, or aches and pains in difficult to reach places.

Relax + Unwind

Our Relax + Rewind CBD balm is a new twist on our beloved Lavender balm offering. We’ve kept the same lavender essential oil as a primary ingredient, but have added Roman chamomile into the mix—which adds interesting new floral notes and assists with overall relaxation.

Fragrance Free

Our Fragrance Free CBD balm will replace our unscented offering. It contains hard-working, but otherwise mild, ingredients including our acclaimed CBD extract, jojoba oil, and organic white beeswax offering maximum relief with minimal scent.

As with all our new CBD balms, Fragrance Free contains twice the potency—in addition to a much-improved consistency lacking any of the grainy textures of previous offerings.

To make room for these more functionally-focused and effective products, Cedar Citrus Balm and Portland Rose Balm must say goodbye. If you loved the Portland Rose aroma, please try our Portland Rose Lotion—made with organic ingredients and packed with full spectrum CBD. The Relief + Recovery CBD Balm makes a great alternative for those who were fans of Cedar Citrus. 

As always, stay tuned for more updates and seasonal innovations from Lazarus Naturals!