New Year. New Mood. New You.

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New Year. New Mood. New You.

In 2020 we found ourselves in unprecedented times, while navigating stress and uncertainty. Dealing with a worldwide pandemic, a polarizing presidential election, and a myriad of reasons to spark a reevaluation of our spending and our daily habits. 

Any other year, January would likely be flooded with high goals, and even higher hopes. This year, however, we are facing the unique challenge of stress, fatigue, and “cabin fever”. As we enter this ‘resolution season’ unlike any we’ve ever experienced in our lives, one doesn’t need to change who they are to change the way they feel.

It’s easy to feel overwhelmed with so much beyond our control. Our New Year’s resolution at Lazarus Naturals is to help you focus on what we DO have some control over — how we treat ourselves and what we put our energy into. There is a silver lining, and hope on the horizon. While a lot of the challenges we’ve faced may carry over into this coming calendar year, it won’t limit us from embodying a “new mood” — and a new, hopeful outlook as we take on those challenges! 

Now is the time to treat ourselves and start living a healthier lifestyle! This New Year, add CBD to your daily routine to get started on a new you. Starting a daily CBD Routine can be beneficial in many ways. It can help Boost your Immune system, aid in reducing stress, and help you lead an overall happier life. 

Take in the morning for a feeling of relief 

Adding CBD to your morning routine is the perfect way to get your day started off right. Mornings can be a lot: constant rush, deadlines, meetings, and more! If you are looking to enhance your routine and brighten your day, consider adding CBD to help you feel great and get started on what’s important.

Take in the afternoon for a feeling of focus and energy 

Add CBD to your afternoon, to get that midday pick-me-up, and get you through the work day! Let’s face it, afternoon hits and we feel a little tired. Our energy levels are down and most of us would simply love to succumb to that post-lunchtime lull. CBD can improve your focus and help give you energy when you need it most.

  • Try adding our Energy Capsules for that caffeine boost to help you focus, without the jitters.

Take in the evening to promote relaxation & restfulness 

Adding CBD to your night time routine can help to relax your body and mind, and ease discomfort from a long day. An evening ritual geared towards unwinding is the key to feeling fresh and ready to face new challenges in the morning! CBD can help reduce the amount of stress your body feels from long hours at work, workouts, or vigorous activity.

  • Use a CBD topical, like our Lavender Balm, to help ease discomfort and help relax your body.         
  • Try mixing or blending a CBD tincture or a spoonful or CBD Coconut oil to your favorite nighttime drink for an alternative way to unwind before bed.

*Note: our tinctures and coconut oil are not water soluble. Read more for tips on the best ways to use with food & drink.  

Our CBD is the ultimate, natural mood enhancer. It’s made to work and designed to soothe, temper and bring balance. We want to help in reconstructing our “new normal” with self-care as the foundation. If there’s one thing that NONE of us can afford, it’s to just keep charging forward through trying times without first taking care of ourselves.

Let’s make 2021 the year to (re)discover the power of CBD.