OSU Hemp Research Center Receives $1 Million Donation

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OSU Hemp Research Center Receives $1 Million Donation

Oregon State University (OSU) launched the largest hemp research center in the country earlier this year. The center’s work is now receiving a major boost after a $1 million donation.

The money is technically a gift to the OSU Foundation, but is going to the Global Hemp Innovation Center. The financial gift is for the purpose of exploring hemp genomics. The research will increase understanding in how hemp can be used in health products, construction materials and textiles.

“There is a tremendous amount of possibility with hemp. Understanding the genetics is key,” said Seth Crawford, who donated the funds with his brother, Eric. “We believe OSU is the right place to lead this research.”

Both brothers are graduates of OSU and Eric is a former 13-year professor at the university. Alan Sams, Dean of the College of Agricultural Sciences, believes the donation will have immense benefits.

“This investment accelerates our leadership and establishes OSU at the forefront in genomic research in hemp,” he said. “Hemp has incredible potential across several industries and sectors.”

About The OSU Hemp Research Center

The center conducts studies locally and also works with international universities. In addition, 40 faculty members take on hemp research in areas including engineering, public policy and food innovation.
OSU recently hosted a National Academies of Sciences symposium on hemp and planted a third crop of hemp plants. The latest crop is now in university experiment stations throughout Oregon. They also continue to work with universities in China and Europe to explore the uses of hemp.