Oregon State University Launches Largest Hemp Research Center In U.S.

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Oregon State University Launches Largest Hemp Research Center In U.S.

Oregon State University is now home to the largest hemp research center in the U.S. The Global Hemp Innovation Center is housed in OSU’s College of Agricultural Sciences. The OSU hemp research center will conduct studies locally, but also work with international universites.

“Our faculty are already recognized internationally as the go-to experts for hemp research,” said Alan Sams, Dean of the College of Agricultural Sciences. “The launch of this center signifies our commitment to continue to build upon that established expertise.”

OSU moves forward with their plans for the center after the passage of the 2018 Farm Bill. The bill removed hemp from federal controlled substances lists and effectively decriminalized it.

“Hemp has incredible potential across several industries and sectors,” said Alan. 

There are 40 OSU faculty members who engage in hemp research, teaching and extension services. OSU’s new hemp research center will include work in areas such as food innovation, public policy and engineering.

But OSU has long been a pioneer in the hemp movement. The university, known in the late 19th and early 20th century as Oregon Agricultural College, worked with U.S. Department of Agriculture Scientists to host a hemp research center.

Other OSU Projects With Hemp

OSU is also the first university in the country to offer seed certification services for hemp. Only farmers registered by the state can access the seeds.

Current OSU hemp research involves work with universities in Europe and China to explore the uses of hemp. The university hosts a National Academies of Sciences symposium on hemp later this year in Corvallis. OSU researchers will also plant the university’s third crop of hemp plants by the end of June. The new crop will be in university experiment stations located through Oregon.